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Editor Managing Business and Technology

Education: B. Com. from University of Delhi, PGDM from Global Institute of Business Management, Pune | Harshdeep Singh Kohli is the in-house business expert at DKODING Media. With more than a decade of experience formulating winning strategies for businesses, Harsh has developed a keen eye to analyze major developments in the business world and forecast trends. From startups to conglomerates, he holds an authority on how businesses are run and what makes them successful.

Superstar Yash Partners With Founders Of Beardo To Launch A Lifestyle Brand – Villain

The definition of masculinity is changing. We’ve come a long way from the days of quick shaves and setting hair with a gel on the go. Today’s sensitive, well-educated, urban dweller loves to get an occasional manicure, get his hair cared for by a stylist, loves to shop, wears jewellery, and his bathroom counter is most likely filled with male-targeted lifestyle products.

Deepak Sahni’s Healthians Reinvents Preventive Healthcare To Suit Pandemic Needs

At Healthians, our belief has been to work towards making India a healthier nation and help every individual in working towards their health actively. The COVID pandemic brought with it an unprecedented aet of challenges as witnessed across the globe. During such times of crisis, it was essential that we extend our support to the government and the people. – Deepak Sahni, Founder and CEO, Healthians

Quantivier To Launch World’s First Product Specific Projection (PSP) E-Commerce Platform ‘Frenn’ On Independence Day

Quantivier (registered as an Indian Private Limited firm Quantivier Business Line), an Indian internet technology company is set to unveil its newest innovative market offering in the Lifestyle domain on the 15th of August 2020. The launch pioneers the set up of the world’s first Product Specific Projection (PSP) E-Commerce platform under the brand name Frenn.

Citywide Lockdown Unlocks New Potential For Mumbai-based BBRRMM Food; Delivering Groceries To Your Doorstep Within 24 Hours

While the nation stays home to fight the pandemic, local services are running around the clock to ensure convenience and safety. Mumbai-based startup BBRRMM Foods has created a quick response e-commerce platform for groceries and daily food essentials to serve its citizens during these difficult times.

How Square Yards Emerged As The Guiding Light For India’s Real Estate Sector During The Lockdown

Square Yards is India’s largestintegrated real estate platform. Breaking ground in 2014, we haveachieved significant scale in just 6 years and are one of few Indian start-ups that has successfully expanded globally.Recently listed in the prestigious FT Top Asian Companies 2020 list, the Red Herring Asia Top 100 technology list and the ET Growth Champion 2020 as well; the company has witnessed exponential growth in a very short span of time.

How Ameyo Is Converting BPOs — From Cost Centers To Profit Centers

In an exclusive interview with DKODING Media; Sachin Bhatia, Founder, Ameyo ponders on how COVID-19 has changed the dynamics customer engagement but also has opened up the opportunity to make call centers, traditionally called cost centers, into profit centers for enterprises.

Dr. Parmeet Singh Chadha brings the Sikh community closer by online Sehaj Paath

New Delhi, July 20, 2020: Online Sehaj Paath Group a community platform designed by a Delhi based entrepreneur and Head Volunteer Dr Parmeet Singh Chadha, with an ideology to bring the Sikh community closer towards Gurbani and with the sole intent to enlighten entire mankind at large through the bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Review Of Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program Trading Course: 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

When we entered the online program, we were taken aback by the comprehensiveness of the program. It’s definitely not a course that you can buy and go through in only one sitting.

Lifecarehealth.com’s Rohit Mohta — India’s Digital Medicine Man

Lifcare Pharmacy (Now Lifecarehealth.com) started out in 2015 as a subscription pharmacy for chronic patients basically focussing on the needs of Diabetic, Cardiac, Neuro, Nephro etc.

The New Rules of Business By Author Rajesh Srivastava — Get Ahead Or Get Left Behind

Rajesh Srivastava, the former president of J.K. Helene Curtis has launched his first book “The New Rules of Business”.