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Women Explain How You Can Have Multiple Orgasms

Count your orgasms as blessings and let it rain you. Ladies, here is your ultimate guide to multiple orgasms. Click through to know more.

Rules You Must Know And Follow If You Are Going To A Nude Beach

The opportunity to run naked into the waves is to some degree, ordinary. Here are the rules to follow on a nude beach. Click through!

My Husband Is A Sex Addict! Here’s How I Found Out

Until two years ago I didn’t think sexual addiction was a genuine thing. Here i the confession and problems of a sex addict wife.

What Kind Of Penis Do You Have? It’s Time To Find Out

The corkscrew, the beer can, the flip-flop, or the grandfather-clock pendulum? As a sex worker I’ve seen different types of penises.

Cringey Celebrity Skin Care Routine

Celebrities go to incredible lengths either to slow down the aging process or maintain their glowing complexions. While most of us turn to drugstore products for our skincare needs, stars have an arsenal of (often wacky) beauty treatments and products…

Celebrities Who Have Rocked The Small Breasts Trend

These are the numerous celebrities who have refused to participate in any cosmetic surgeries and are proudly strutting their God-given goods.

Sexy Kendall Jenner’s Fashion Evolution- 2008 to 2019

From leggings and tunics to daring mesh dresses, here are pictures to prove that Jenner’s style has changed as she has risen through time.

Celebs Who Wore Sexy Lingerie To Red Carpet And Completely Nailed It

Lingerie trend is one of those trends we are afraid to try. Click through to see which are the celebs who wore lingerie on red carpet.

Why Women Masturbate During Sex?

It’s just our way of ensuring that we’re enjoying ourselves, too! Find out why many women prefer masturbating during sex. Click through.

A Relationship Without Oral Sex Is Not Worth Having

Going down on your partner equals to showing them your love. Find out what is the importance of oral sex in a relationship.

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