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Fatemeh, an aspiring writer who watches way too much TV and reads way too many books. When I’m not doing either of those, I spend my time recommending them to friends. Good coffee and restaurants make me weak in the knees.

Everything That Will Happen On Breaking Bad Season 6

Vince Gilligan’s ground-breaking series ended years ago, but the rumours of ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 6 happening are here to stay.

Terrific Patty May Come After Everyone On Insatiable Season 3

Bye-bye, body-shamers! Patty might be back with Insatiable season 3, determined to take you down.

After Downton Abbey’s Success, Julian Fellowes Keeps Spinning His Magic Through Period Dramas

After a six-year run and a highly successful Downton Abbey movie, Julian Fellowes is scripting the HBO drama titled The Gilded Age, another period piece

CBS Network Plans On Rebooting Person Of Interest And Big Bang Theory

With popular sitcoms and TV series getting rebooted for spin-offs and revivals, CBS should give TBBT and ‘Person of Interest’ another chance

Hold Your Heart! This Hot Actor To Feature In Once Upon A Time Reboot

All good things come to an end, but not the fantasy world of ‘Once Upon a Time’! With a reboot on its way, here’s all the scoop on the plot, cast, and premiere date! The fabled book of ‘Once Upon…

Cold Case Opens Crime Files Once Again With Season 8

An unexpected cliffhanger marked its end over a decade ago, but fans wonder if ‘Cold Case’ Season 8 could bring them some closure….

Here Is When Peaky Blinders Season 6 Will Drop After Season 5’s Confusing Finale

Yes! We’re just as shocked as you are after that mind-boggling cliffhanger, but let’s quickly dive into what the end means for the much anticipated Peaky Blinders season 6. Nothing good lasts forever and that was made crystal-clear to us…

Stanley Hudson Is Planning To Bring The Office Spin-Off To TV

The Office star Leslie David Baker, aka Dunder Mifflin’s resident grump and salesman, is set to bring back the show in The Office spin-Off series that will feature his character. Stanley Hudson (Leslie David Baker) expressed his no-nonsense attitude ever…

CBS Torn Between The Big Bang Theory And Seinfeld Reboot

The Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld are two of the most successful American sitcoms of all time. But in a battle of The Big Bang Theory Vs Seinfeld, which reboot would you want to see?  The Big Bang Theory versus…

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina And Riverdale To Come Together For A Finale Season

The only thing separating Sabrina’s gang in Greendale and Archie’s gang in Riverdale from a full-fledged crossover is, well, Sweetwater river. But is it really? ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ debuted on Netflix in 2018, following the life of a teenage…

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