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Fatemeh Mirjalili

Entertainment writer covering the world of TV & Web

Education : Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media | Fatemeh Mirjalili writes about all things TV and Web. She previously worked at TTT, timesknowledge.in and is presently working at Mumbai Foodie. Fatemeh loves reading, watching movies in multiple languages, Harry Potter and running. When not writing about movies and TV shows, she is busy watching them. Her hobbies include debating pop culture, watching Disney musicals, and re-reading the works of Austen and Brontë for what may seem like the millionth time.

Now We Know Why Netflix Cancelled The OA

Netflix has cancelled ‘The OA’ Season 3, but the show’s fans have been working hard to change its fate. ‘The OA’ chronicles the multi-dimensional journey of a formerly blind woman named Prairie, on her interdimensional adventures to save missing persons.…

5 Burning Questions That Will Be Answered In Emily in Paris Season 2

After the cliffhanger scene at the end of the series, fans have many questions for their new favourite characters! Luckily for them, Lily Collins will be returning with ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 next year to answer all of them.…

Jane The Virgin: Know All About The Mysterious Virginity Of Jane

We’re taking the liberty to explore the moment when ‘Jane the Virgin’ outgrew its original premise, the status of Jane’s virginity. If you’ve ever watched Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’, you’ll realise that for some reason, an individual’s virginity…

5 Burning Questions The Witcher Fans Need Answers To

The first season of ‘The Witcher’ ended months ago, but that hasn’t stopped fans from seeking answers to all the questions it left them with.

Know The Various Locations Where Homeland Has Been Filmed

‘Homeland’ Season 8 has been filmed all across the world and in multiple locations, and we’re about to tell you which ones. ‘Homeland’ is undoubtedly one of the best spy thriller series out there. The manner in which the writers…

Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling’s Reasons For Keeping Harry And Hermoine Friends

Over 20 years have passed since the first Harry Potter book was released, but fans are still wondering why Harry and Hermione are not a couple! For the last two decades, ‘Harry Potter’ fans have complained about a million things.…

What Happens To Peter Quinn In Homeland?

It was difficult for fans to say goodbye to their favourite ‘Homeland’ character because Peter Quinn was no ordinary CIA officer.

Chuck Lorre’s Best To Chuck Lorre’s Worst: Where Does Two And A Half Men Stand?

Chuck Lorre is by no means a small name in the television world. With shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Two And A Half Men’, and others under his belt, he’s made a name for himself by bringing some of…

Who All Died In BoJack Horseman’?

The ‘BoJack Horseman’ finale cited mixed reactions from fans who hoped to see their favourite anthropomorphic horse get a happy ending. For a show that taught us so many lessons, ‘BoJack Horseman’s’ finale, although eminent, was hard to watch. Although…

The Killing Spree Of Walter White: Know How Many People Died Because Of Breaking Bad’s Walt

Walter White is as dangerous as the kingpin of a meth organisation can get, but how many people lost their lives because of his empire?