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Here’s Why Brie Larson’s Biggest Roadblock Is None Other Than Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel 2 is happening and fans can’t wait for the return of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. However, actress Brie Larson doesn’t feel the same and is worried about the sequel. Scroll down to know why.

From Bat To Batman: What Makes Robert Pattinson Regret His Decision To Do Twilight

Isn’t it weird? Being part of a big adaptation and still having the guts to hate the movie. Yes, we are talking about Robert Pattinson…

Brie Larson Wants To Play This Character To Remove Captain Marvel’s Stamp

After playing the character of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, Brie Larson opened up about her desire to play another character. Know what it is?

Move On: Why Emma Mackey Isn’t Interested To Talk About Margot Robbie

Remember the fearless Maeve Wiley in Sex Education? Yes, we are talking about Emma Mackey, not Margot Robbie (If you got confused).

The Real Motive Behind Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Fiasco

Kanye West’s comment during his South Carolina campaign rally speech left everyone shocked, especially his wife Kim Kardashian. Scroll down

Being Eleven In Stranger Things Season 3 Was Incredibly Hard For Millie Bobby Brown

Netflix’s young star, Millie Bobby Brown, might make it look easy but her character Eleven on Stranger Things doesn’t come without its challenges.

Rough Romance Over Jen? Not Brad Pitt, It Was Another Ex-lover Who Swallowed The Bitter Love Pill On FRIENDS

Jennifer Aniston’s ex-lover revealed how he was dying inside while playing her love interest on FRIENDS. Read more to know the details.

All Is Well In The Kissing Booth 2? Joey King and Jacob Elordi Have Something Else To Say

The Kissing Booth co-stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi recently shared their experiences of dating in the public eye. Scroll down to know!

Shut up and Divorce: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Court Drama Is Spiralling Out Of Control

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s legal battle has been going on for years. Haven’t we had enough of this drama? When will they both stop….

Tired Of Captain Marvel Fame, Brie Larson Decides To Go For An Image Makeover

Brie Larson aka ‘Captain Marvel’ recently revealed that she’s trying to change her image these days. But why does she need to do that?

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