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Myths About Female Ohh-gasm You Need To Debunk

Even if you’re a pro at reaching climax, you still might have some questions about female ohh-gasm. Today we’re debunking 8 of the most common sex myths to set the record straight!

How Breastfeeding Can Screw Your Sex Life?

Breastfeeding changes your body in some major proportions.

Woman on Top SEX ! Give Your Man The Wildest Ride He’s Ever Had

Many women are used to the men doing most of the work during sex. But have you ever tried the women on top position? It’s heavenly. Well, sex alone is heavenly. It’s time you leave that shyness and insecurities behind and try it out.

Hot Tub Sex: Sizzling Ways To Have Sex In The Tub

We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better oh-gasmm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear

Sex-tionary. You Need To Know these sex terms

It’s literally impossible to keep up with all the weird terms for sex people come up with these days and it’s awful being the person stuck in the dark wondering what the heck your friends are talking about.

Shocking Exposé On Cruelty-Free Beauty Industry

The term cruelty-free makeup is being acclaimed a lot by countless brands. But the question is; How cruelty-free is a cruelty-free makeup brand? Due to the awareness about the beauty industry, transparency is in huge demand. Hence, millennials are advocating…

Personalized Beauty Products The Next Big Thing To Look Out For

Customized beauty was one of the main trends in the industry. In the era of emphasis on individual choices, this trend is here to stay.

6 Steamy Best Sex Positions: You Know, You Want To Check This Out

There’s no doubt that some sex positions facilitate higher levels of emotional intimacy. These positions allow a couple to go

Most Heart Breaking Celebrity Breakups

Whenever a celebrity couple breaks up, you’re basically guaranteed to read countless headlines and tweets indicate “LOVE IS DEAD.”

2019 Fall Trends That You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Fall fashion trends you’ll most definitely want on your shopping list, plus affordable ways to buy in on them now while the weather is still warm.

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