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Dentist extracts 526 teeth from 7-year-old

A 7-year-old boy in India had a legion of teeth removed from his mouth — 526 teeth, to be exact.

World’s Largest Outdoor Bed Cinema Is Going On An Australian Tour

World’s Largest Outdoor Bed Cinema Is Going On An Australian Tour

Witch Hazel- The Ultimate Beauty Regime Ingredient

The season of oily and patchy uneven skin, frizzy hair and skin Infections. Now the question arises what to do, how to do and can we maintain our skin this season and the series goes on.

Like Father or Like Mother: Understanding genetic inheritance

Scientists reveal which genes come from your mom and which you get from your dad

10 fashion protocols The Royal Family must follow

The Royal Family of England live their lives in the spotlight, so it makes sense as to why there are certain fashion rules and etiquette that they must follow.

Music could make your orgasm better

Music during sex is surely a wonder formula. Imagine you watching a set up for sex scenes on the big screen.

Here’s How You Should Go Down On Your Woman

One of the biggest bedroom blunders is not knowing how to go down on your woman properly.

Parents refused to give kidneys to save their own ‘girl’ child

A young girl has been fighting for her life at the government hospital in Bihar, after both her kidneys failed

Secrets to deal with decreased interest in sex

Female sex drive can often change with change in age. Lack of interest and decreased enjoyment are two major complaints associated with this change. Before you blame your hormonal fluctuation for these changes, you should appreciate the undeniable mind-body connection that directly influences your sexuality.

Relationship mistakes Women must avoid

Be it the New Year season or not, but the festive feeling always lurking in the air around us. And then amidst all it suddenly dawns upon you, it’s the new year.

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