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Top TV shows that should’ve ended while they were on a ‘Hit’

Two words that could end up like nightmares for TV writers and series creators -THE END. The temptation for ‘just one more episode or season’ is that one that has got out of our hand a long time back. But…

The Room: Ultra-luxury suites at 40,000 feet

The All Nippon Airway’s “The Room” business class suites with privacy doors have raised the standards of business class with…

Now now, there are better forms of entertainment for kids

One of the most controversial theater directors of this generation, Milo Rau, is once again making headlines with his

What giant leaps mankind will take in the next 50 years?

We have achieved a great number of accomplishments since the Apollo 11, now it’s time to figure out what we can

Poisonous cloud trails may soon become a bigger threat than CO2

The chemtrails and its effects on climate have been a matter of concern for decades, things are

How Nazi tapes from WWII trials were almost lost?

Reading some historical event or hearing it from the people who actually survived it, which one do you prefer? This is the story of Nuremberg case audio tapes, why they were special and how a cash crunch saw them getting…

Colour of your tattoos will tell how healthy you are

German scientists have finally developed a real colour-changing tattoo dye based on real-time levels of biomarkers.

Highest paid celebs on Insta and their Fashion Trends

BY SNEHA BHARDWAJ | DKODING MEDIA It’s 2019, and everything is changing from fashion to food, from priorities to lifestyle, even the social media-verse. In this changing world, one thing hasn’t changed from the past few years and that is…

10 Types of dates men hate

Men, they can be a real pain in the…you know where. But most of the time men can be real sweethearts who’d never want to hurt your feelings. Admit it, planning a date can take in a lot of efforts and he knows that. But ladies, a yoga date? Like seriously, that does not sound like fun at all!

6 Shampoos Fighting Against Salt Sun And Summer

Summer is here and so is the summer sun. Basking around the beach or the swimming pool sounds like the perfect plan but what about the violent tangled hair aftermath?

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