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Why Sex Hurts Men?

Sex has always been a game that involves pleasure with pain. But what would men do if sex was just painful for them? It could be a sign..

How To Suck A Small Dick?

Whether you are a size queen or an equal opportunity penis-lover, it is worthwhile to know how to give oral sex to a small penis.

Gentlemen! Here’s How You Can Make Your Semen Taste Better!

For most men, a woman going down on them is their first fantasy once they reach the age of sexual exploration. But then they realise that unlike porn, most of us ladies wouldn’t dare do this job for you.

Sure Shot Ways To Make Your Vagina Tighter!

I don’t want a tighter vagina! Said no woman ever. Literally every woman out there just wants one thing and are the most conscious about, their glorious vaginas. So we got you covered by these ways to make your vagina…

How To Make A Limp D!ck Go Rock Hard In 10 Seconds!

A limp dick is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to you when you want to have sex and there is no way to get a quick boner?

How To Give An Earth Shattering B()()b Job!

Ta-tas,  Boobs, Chi-chis, Melons, whatever you might call them, till the time they end up being used for giving a boob job, mission successful!  For as many words as there are for breasts, there is also every man out there…

Muffing: Everything You Need To Know About Sex With A Transgender

Okay! So may be time did not forget it, but not everyone is always aware of it. Muffing sex is the main thing that people talk about when it comes to how to have sex with Trans women. And I…

Electro Sex: Try It At Your Own Risk

If you are not familiar with the electro sex play, you might be thinking: “Wait a minute. When I see electro sex devices

You won’t believe these Bollywood celebrities are of the same age!!!

Maybe there are few people in our Bollywood who have just taken that age is just a number in a very serious way.

My Partner Doesn’t Trust Me No Matter What I Do

Trust issues come in all shapes and sizes, you just have to know how to overcome with these trust issues. Some appear as jealousy. Others make someone appear distant or cold. But all trust issues can be worked on and…

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