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Auli – A new big fat wedding destination

In a never seen before the affair, the big stars from Indian Film, TV & Music industries are making a bee

CWC19: Hat-trick hero Shami helps India overcome gallant Afghanistan

India bowled superbly to defend a paltry total of 224 against Afghanistan in match number 28 of the ICC World Cup 2019 on Saturday.

How sex-crazy are you according to your zodiac?

Sex! Is it the first thing in your mind at any given boom-boom situation? Do you have a crazy sex drive? Well, it might be your zodiac bringing about all the sex storms in you!

7 Ways To Tell You’re Being Used

Balance is always essential in maintaining healthy ties with another person or building a healthy relationship. You should always be receiving just as much as you’re giving.

10 Shocking things about Miley Cyrus

Each new Miley headline has seemingly been stranger than the last, and just when the world thinks, Ms. Cyrus couldn’t possibly shock anyone again, she does


Hickeys, love bites, love marks or whatever you call these bruise-like blemishes on your skin caused by kissing or sucking. Well, hickeys are distinctive and impossible to be excused as a simple rash or a bug bite. These take a few days to fade away on their own.

Adil Hussain: A talent which knows no boundaries

Adil Hussain brings acting pedigree and a sense of calmness even to unabashedly commercial Bollywood flicks

Rahul Gandhi addresses public meeting in Chandigarh

Read More Rahul Gandhi addresses public meeting in Himachal Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addresses public meeting in Uttar Pradesh

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addresses public meeting in Uttar Pradesh

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