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Reporter covering Sociopolitical And Cultural News

Education: Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies | Diya Ghosh covers stories around the latest entertainment happenings in the US. She writes extensively on OTT Platform productions, docu-series and historical biopics. Prior to DKODING Media Inc., she has worked for The Statesman (2016) and MediaNama (2017). Diya has also worked with the Government of NCT of Delhi as a researcher in 2019. She also has experience of working in the not-for-profit sector.

The ‘Kamala Harris Effect’ On Joe Biden’s India Policy — What Experts Expect

Indians couldn’t contain their glee when Kamala Harris was nominated as the Democrat Vice-Presidential candidate alongside Joe Biden. Harris has Indian-Jamaican roots, and is the first woman of Indian-origin to be a nominee for the office of Vice-President. But it doesn’t end there; the Joe Biden Presidential package seems to have a lot more to offer India.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Kamala Harris — Sexism Selects Targets In Pre-Election US Politics

Around two weeks back, Republican lawmaker Ted Yoho verbally assaulted Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the steps of the United States Capitol, home of the Congress and Senate. Yoho issued a conditional and insincere apology, which led to AOC calling him out in the most fierce manner possible.

Trump Or Biden? — Simplifying The Election Clutter For The American Voter

The US Presidential Elections are less than three months away and politics can seem like a confusing maze to even the most seasoned voters. Here is a brief essay around electioneering in the US to make voting in November easier to navigate.

Will American Voters Buy Into Biden’s China Policy Amidst Pandemic Backlash?

US President Donald Trump has been on the attack against his rival former Vice President Joe Biden for quite some time. The newest in his line of attacks is the claim that Biden, if elected, would turn out to be compliant to China. Trump simplified the message for his followers, saying that Americans will end up speaking Chinese if Biden wins in November. He also went on to imply that China will own America if Biden is elected President. But campaign jibes apart, what might actually change for the US-China relations if Biden lands up in the White House?

In Rebuffing Trump’s Cognitive Assessment Challenge, Biden Walks Into His Trap

The President went all out and challenged his rival to take the same test. saying that the Democratic nominee will be never able to pass the test. In reply, Joe Biden scoffed at the idea, suggesting the incumbent has a problem differentiating between animals.

National Education Policy 2020: DKODING The 5+3+3+4 Of India’s Future Workforce

The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) has taken everyone by a whirlwind. PM Narendra Modi said that the policy will transform India into an education hub. But what changes will it actually bring and how it affects you?

Trump Loses Patience With Endless Pandemic Talk

USA saw a record one day rise of more than 75,000 cases on July 17. Asked about this, Trump shrugged and attributed the high numbers to increased nation-wide testing. Trump claimed that the scale of testing outmatched any other nation, and that the USA was the ‘envy’ of the world.

Parscale Out — Can A Trump 2020 Reboot Save Donald?

The story begins in late June, from Tulsa, where US President Donald Trump held his first campaign rally since the US coronavirus lockdown began. The event which was held in Tulsa’s Bank of Oklahoma Centre had rows of empty seats despite claims of nearly one million people registering for the event.

Why Andy Samberg Is Rethinking Jake Peralta’s Jokes In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A fun, amiable, and wacky sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine revolves around the ninety-ninth precinct of the NYPD (New York City Police Department). In the same part of the city, there have been at least seven recorded deaths of black people in the hands of real cops, since 2004.

Besides Coronavirus, The Other Health Crisis In The US Concerns Democracy

It might be worrisome for a democracy when an elected President views himself as a total authority and isn’t hesitant enough to put the thought out. It is bound to raise a question about the health of democracy of a nation, which at the end of the day depends on its people’s commitment to it.