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He is the man behind DKODING and with two decade experience of leading business including media - He fiocuses on uncoivering issue that have big heads with bigger headlines.

A man who hasn’t washed his dreadlocks in forty years calls them a blessing

Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63, from the Munger District of Bihar, has allowed his hair to grow six feet

Get lost in this moment to experience an earth shattering phone sex

You know when that hotline bling-That can only mean one thing ‘PHONE SEX’ : DRAKE Real sex might be the bomb but sometimes, it’s just not possible. You are in a long distance relationship or maybe you just want to spice…

Economic Slowdown: What if, Dr. Manmohan Singh was present day PM – India debates

Even after three steroid doses being injected to rectify a possible far-fetched budget, India is still prone to a deep economic recession/crises. While UPA made sure India was the least hit in 2008, how come India is at the forefront…

WeWork didn’t Work

SoftBank truns hard on Adam Neumann Part1/2 : WeWork ‘Adam Neumann’ quits as CEO. On 24th september, WeWork sets out a statement that announces the decision amidst scruitny surrounding the company’s mis-managed IPO. WeWork, that is in the business of…

Lessons on Parenting & Teachings from Chandrayaan 2 Landing

Chandrayaan 2 Landing Lessons. Appreciate the process. That’s what the nation is doing today. We are seeing the hardwork of the scientists…

Crazy Gutsy Rich Trump: Afterall Only Bad Boys Have All The Fun

Crazy Gutsy Rich Trump! Donald Trump is the current US president. He is also a lavish billionaire in his own right. Trump believes in exhibiting his assets for the world to see and take notice.

BREXIT, Massive Mutiny and Boris Johnson’s Ultimatum: Can the ‘Joker turned King’ survive?

Boris Johnson’s Ultimatum: Britain is in crisis. The Deal or No Deal Brexit has created all the chaos and drama you can think of. And now the climax has put the PM face to face with a massive mutiny.

Is Trump Really the Boogeyman as Popular American Narrative Suggests?

Is Trump the Boogeyman? We’re all aware that the US plays a vital role in the international arena of politics which is brewing up with a war-like situation for the past couple of years.

Watch ‘A Never Before exposé on Donald Trump’

Donald Trump Story: Captain Chaos or Commando of Change? Disruptor in Chief or Chief Commander of USA?

No Recession: Trump’s New Rosy Picture to American Voters

Trump said: “We are doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut and they are loaded with money”

DKODING as the name suggests is on a crusade to bring out the ‘OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY’ in a world drowning with fury and frenzy. It provides deeper insights and perspectives beyond NEWS.

Breaking burning issues through a narrative that is fresh, fearless and fiery.


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