Deepak Kaistha

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He is the man behind DKODING and with his more than two decades experience — leading various businesses including media — He focuses on uncovering issues that have big-heads and bigger-headlines.

America Has A Lot To Fear Trump

So far the world is sailing with the wave of the rampant conviction that the Former President of the United States is delusional and needs psychiatric assistance. It’s been half a year down the line when President Joe Biden replaced…

Jeff Bezos To Visit Space On Anniversary Of Apollo Moon Landing

This is how world’s richest man hangs out with his bestfriend. Highlights Jeff Bezos will fly to space this July on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship. Brother Mark Bezos to accompany the Amazon Founder on his excursion. After more…

Future of Cryptocurrency — Bitcoin Is Here To Stay And This Is Why

Till a few weeks ago, Bitcoin was on exponential growth. From 0$ in 2009 to implausible $63,000 in April 2021, the most popular cryptocurrency has been on a tumultuous journey ever since its beginning. However, things have been rough for…

G7 Summit 2021 — Can It Redefine Course Of Tech Giants’ Future?

Some believe that the Global Tax Deal struck by world’s advanced economies are a far cry from the regulation of behemoths. Highlights G7 Summit strikes a landmark global corporate tax deal, eliminating avenues of tax avoidance. Finance Ministers of seven…

Biden Finally Wakes Up To Vaccine Diplomacy — US Commits 80 Million Doses Globally

Biden assured that the U.S. will donate 75% of its vaccine surplus which will be distributed globally to fill the availability gap in second and third world countries.

Is Trump Planning Another Coup To Win Back Presidency?

Former President Donald Trump might be in mid of planning another coup as his obsession with U.S. presidency again makes headlines.

JP Morgan And CEO Dimon Stand Divided On Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

An ironic state of things at the world’s largest bank has left investors perplexed about whom to believe.

9 Stocks That Will Take Wall Street By Storm In ’14’ Years

Expect a double or even a triple-digit growth if you are patient enough to hold these stocks in your portfolio for a decade and a half.

Joe Biden Ain’t Black But Neither Is He As White As Donald Trump

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee recently said in an interview to an African-American host that those in the black community who can’t pick the better candidate between him and Donald Trump “ain’t black”. The remark received wide criticism. But does Biden really find himself electorally endangered for saying what he said?

Leaked Biden-Poroshenko Tapes Is A Plot With Too Many Holes

Even if Russia is behind the leaked Biden-Poroshenko tapes, Kremlin’s latest ploy to scandalize US Electoral politics is likely to fall short in its objective.