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Education: Urban Environmental Law. | Daniyal covers OTT Content and Hollywood stories for DKODING. An avid follower of modern content while also a classical zealot. His areas of interest include English comedies, both movies and tv shows.

The Top 11 Hottest Women Of Golf — The World Has Ever Seen

As the winters are setting in, we wanna make you feel hot with 11 hottest female golfers of the year 2020. You would not wanna miss on this.

Stefania Ferrario: A Marilyn Monroe Of The Down Under

Stefania Ferrairo Is Reminding the World Of Marilyn Monroe — Guty Glamour, Bold and Beautiful — Woman Who Inspires Millions

10 Washed-up Hollywood Stars That Faded With Time

Fame is an uncertain bird — you have it now it’s gone next, here, celebrities who are no longer famous. Brenden Frazer successfully held The Mummy franchise while Tom Cruise failed it. Lindsay Lohan was the life of every party…

7 Villains Featured In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder is featuring an army of villains in his cut of the Justice League. Take a look at the 7 villains of his upcoming cut.

Breakfast at Fatehi’s: Nora, the Audrey Hepburn of Bollywood

Breakfast at Fatehi’s: Nora, the Audrey Hepburn of Bollywood

7 Missing Characters Getting Resurrected In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

A Look at characters missing in the theatrical cut of the Justice League that Zack Snyder is bringing back As the comic-book movie fans are hyped up about the release of the Snyder Cut. The distinctions between the 2017 and…

WB Has Bigger Plans For Zack Snyder Beyond Justice League

As the hype around Zack Snyder’s Justice League is soaring with each day, DCEU fans now want to know what future plan the director has for the Universe.

Zack Snyder’s Dark Knight Returns Dream Is Closer To Fruition Than Man Of Steel 2

Zack Snyder recently shared his dream to make a movie based on Dark Knight Return comic which is more probable than a Man of Steel movie It seems that 2020 is all about Zack Snyder. Since the formal resurrection of…

Why Is Wonder Woman 1984 Getting Delayed Again?

As COVID shadows a dark cloud over the future of movies. Is WB regretting postponing Wonder Woman 1984 from 2019 to 2020?

5 Factors Behind Mumbai Indians’ Dizzying IPL Success

Celebrating the fifth IPL victory of Mumbai Indians, we take a look at 5 factors which makes reach the success that it does every year.