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As Chief News Edior for DKODING Chitresh is on everyday basis producing news stories on burning issues of significance for audience.

Marijuana Legalization: What the 2020 US Election means for a Pothead?

Marijuana legalization has emerged as a ‘smoking hot’ issue and each of the four frontrunners is now formulating their stand around the issue before 2020 Presidential Elections. So, if you’re a pothead, who should your vote go to… We explain.

Marvel to ‘justify’ Captain America’s Hydra Connection in The Falcon and Winter Soldier

Chris Evans isn’t done yet with the MCU and we shall get to see Captain America back in action with The Falcon and Winter Soldier as the bosses at Marvel justify the relatively new ‘Hydra’ comic storyline and the ‘two words’ hint from MCU Phase 2.

Asteroid 3X bigger than Statue of Unity comes frighteningly close; Scientists urge ‘Save the Earth’

1200 Scientists have launched a campaign to save Earth from deep space impact as Asteroid thrice the size of the mammoth Statue of Unity does a scary close flyby on November 20.

Apple’s Card is being called Sexist in the US and It has No Defense

Apple banked on Goldman Sachs and guaranteed its customers a different credit card experience that apparently comes with a sexist bias towards women.

AI Copernicus re-discovered that Earth orbits Sun… Can it reveal how it all started?

Self-learning Artificial Intelligence Copernicus recently discovered through its data comprehension that the Earth orbits the Sun and we’re waiting for it to find out what happened before Big Bang. Is AI Copernicus up to the task?

Medical Breakthrough: Universal Flu Vaccine is on the Horizon

In major research, scientists have discovered an antibody that might render yearly influenza virus mutations ineffective, bringing mankind on the verge of a universal vaccine for all kinds of flu infections.

Immortality Debate: Can Science Cheat Death?

Death means an end, but one recent research challenges the idea and fuels the possibility of reviving the brain, plunging the scientific community in an ethical conundrum.

A Future CO2 Industry could prove crucial in the Global Fight against Climate Change

The rising air pollution has made Carbon Dioxide a commodity and thus is emerging a whole new industry.

Legendary Struggles of Hip Hop Artists with Criminal Records

Where the mind is without fear, the melody can be made in peace. Some of the top Hip Hop rappers and their legendary struggles that make for stories fit to make Oscar-winning movie scripts.

Asteroid bigger than football field makes high-speed, ‘close’ flyby of Earth

For the second time in 2019, a pretty big asteroid passed Earth and during the ‘close’ flyby, the asteroid will come within a minimum distance of 487,000 km from our planet. Discovered by NASA only on 24th October, the asteroid…

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