Chitresh Sehgal

Chitresh Sehgal

Editor managing Politics, Business, & Sports News

Education: B.A. Political Science, University of Delhi | Chitresh Sehgal is the Chief News Editor at DKODING Media. He was a Senior Editor with Enterprise IT World Magazine and SME Channels Magazine from 2016 to 2019. Before that, he has worked as the Content Head at brand consultancy firm Blue Pigeon Image Management. He was also one of the founders of the travel blog as well as social media management company Think Ashram. Chitresh is also a trained aircraft pilot on single and multi-engine aircraft. His areas of interest include world economics, policy-making, citizen rights, labour reforms, and frontier tech.

Grammys 2021: Top 10 Show Stopping Moments From Awards Night Highlight Reel

It might have been a product of necessity, but Grammys 2021 was a new invention for awards nights – so jaw-dropping, eye-popping, gripping and engrossing was the entire affair.

What Makes Billionaires Invest In News Media Companies

Historically, the wealthiest in the society aspire to own Media Houses – for 1) Access, 2) Influence, and 3) Thought Control. But there are new motivations spurring media acquisition by billionaires in the 21st Century.

Passion Over Profit: India’s Millennial Education Man Bharat Gupta

A Story of Fate & Fortitude – Bharat Gupta is an unconventional educationist with a uncompromising legacy to fulfill – to redefine quality education as birthright of the masses.

669 & 996 Mantra: The Missing Jack Ma Urged Couples To Have ‘SEX’ 6 Times In 6 Days

Billionaire Jack Ma is carefully changing his image from a vibrant entrepreneur to an explicit life coach.

Sachin Dev Duggal’s Is Democratizing The ‘Tech Entrepreneur’ Dream

Democratizing the ‘Tech Entrepreneur’ dream, Sachin Dev Duggal’s is making sure that coding skills, or the lack of them, is never a hurdle in the realization of a great idea.

Boris Johnson’s Chaotic Brexit Is Forcing The Queen Into Damage-Control Investments

Boris Johnson’s Brexit is turning out to be a mixed bag for Queen Elizabeth – both emotionally and financially.

Paytm’s Tussle With Google In India Mirrors Fortnite’s Legal Battle With Apple In The US

When Google moved to ban Paytm from its app store for 8 long hours, the bosses surely would have anticipated the controversy that was to follow.

TikTok USA Will Soon Turn Into A Walmart Store Powered By Trump’s Techie Friend

The POTUS gave his blessing to the deal “in concept” – one that is way off from what he promised would be ideal to ensure that TikTok is not a national security anymore.

RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 5 Feats Of Activism By America’s Favorite Supreme Court Judge

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg exposed the hypocrisy of laws that appear to benefit women on the surface but instead reinforce the narrative of unavoidable dependence on men.

Ashok Thakur — An Educator Creating Global Citizens With Universal Human Values

A prominent educator who refused to stand and accept doctrines, Mr Thakur views the whole world as a village when envisioning his idea of society. He points out that universalism is only possible when everyone is living relative to each other.