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As Chief News Edior for DKODING Chitresh is on everyday basis producing news stories on burning issues of significance for audience.

Dr. Strange encounters a Nightmare in Multiverse of Madness: Its Keanu Reeves

There’s massive star power in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and ladies and Gentlemen behold, Keanu Reeves is playing Supervillain Nightmare.

Snapchat: The New Facebook in US Elections 2020

While it was Facebook that influenced the US Elections in 2016, in 2020 the mantle has been taken up by Snapchat.

Reliving Jurassic Park in MCU Phase 6: Meet Marvel’s Super Dinosaurs

MCU fans cannot take their eyes off the phase 4 timeline. But the production house has more plans in their pocket than one can imagine!

Gemini Man First Reactions: Unprecedented VFX, but Story Kills the Magic

Unprecedented cinematic delight with seemingly unparalleled action sequences, but the first reactions of Gemini Man also tell that the script is a little wanting.

How #MiFan Manu Kumar Jain Disrupted Disruption to Touch A Million Lives

Manu Kumar Jain entered the Indian market when it was ready to take on the global sensation of ‘internet’, years later he is credited with building two super brands: First Jabong and now Xiaomi.

The UK returns stolen Buddha Statue, how about Kohinoor?

Last month, the UK returned to India a 12th century statue stolen from the ASI Museum in Nalanda in 1961. Have they forgotten to return Kohinoor?

25 Best Places for Women to Work in India

India has been steadily progressing on various aspects of the workplace culture. Today, gender equality is a key topic and we have seen a surge in the number of women professionals in offices in the country.

Companions for a longer time: Ageless dog breeds

Size, breed, and age of the pup can be some factor while adopting a dog, but what about their life expectancy?

DKODING Policies – Are India’s outrageous new Traffic Penalties deterrent enough?

Is putting the onus of safety on the common man with outrageous fines amid an ongoing slowdown, the right form of deterrence to curb the menace of road accidents?

One Man, Many Callings: India’s Leading Travel Photographer Manish Baser

Featured by global names like NatGeoIndia and ForbesTravelGuide, this travel photographer has not let his corporate job has come in his path of following his passions, meet Manish Baser.

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