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Chitresh is the Chief News Editor at DKODING. His areas of interest include world economics, policy-making, citizen rights, labour reforms, and frontier tech.

Alcohol Online ⁠— Liqhub Is Out To Redefine India’s Drinking Culture

The idea behind Liqhub, an app for alcohol consumers to procure and drink responsibly was born in a party where the lack of knowledge about booze among the consumers left founder Aryan Solanki surprised

Global 5G Protest Day: Hoax Artists Out To Vandalize Telecom Towers

The Global 5G Protest Day event will take place amid a backdrop of a misinformation drive to demonize the new internet technology as the root of coronavirus and also having massive ‘bio-effects’ on human health.

What The Average American Should Know About The SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

NASA and Elon Musk are ready to explore unchartered territories in enabling a private space economy. Here are a few talking points to help you make sense of the historic first private manned mission to space.

Wild Memorial Day Pool Parties Spark Fears Of A Second Wave In The US

On Memorial Day 2020, with 1.7 million cases and deaths nearing 100,000; thousands of Americans shed their masks and social-distancing norms to flood beaches, parks, and lakesides across the country.

Why The Experimental mRNA Vaccine Is Our Only Hope To Overcome Covid-19 In 2020?

A Gene-based vaccine has never been approved but human trials on mRNA Covid-19 vaccine ideas have reached an advanced stage.

The Limitless Scope Of Immersive Technologies In The Post-Pandemic World

With most physical experiences now a thing of the past, immersive technologies that induce virtual environments are setting up the structure for our new normal in the future.

Critics And Concerns To Overcome Before Uber Eats Grubhub

With little certainty how long the gut blow to the ride-hailing business last, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has renewed interest in Uber Eats but his tried and tested pre-pandemic approach with the proposed Grubhub acquisition already has critics calling out the concerns.

US and UK Alert Covid-19 Hospitals Against Chinese Cyberattacks

Multiple advisories over the last week claim that state actors and criminal groups are targeting institutions on the front line of the Covid-19 response.

Cost of Global Covid-19 Herd Immunity — 532 Million Infected People

A well-renowned infectious disease expert from the University of Minnesota has warned that the novel Coronavirus disease can potentially spread to 70% of the population without an effective vaccine before it reaches global herd immunity.

White House Under Siege — Trump’s Task Force In Modified Quarantine

President Trump’s White House Coronavirus Task Force experts Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, and Steve Hahn become the latest risks.

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