Chandni Desai

Chandni Desai graduated with a Master's degree in Management Communication with a focus on Marketing Communication, and an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies with a focus on Media Studies. She also has a double minor in Public Relations and Journalism. Her experience stems from direct fieldwork in the media, and public relations experience from working in-house to agencies alike. Chan is a savvy PR professional with a passion for effective storytelling which has translated into earned client successes. Chan has landed her clients in a range of publications, including but not limited to Forbes, The Washington Post, Benzinga, Fast Company, WWD, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, New York Weekly, California Business Journal and MSN.

What You Should Know If You Want Your Brand To Go Viral

“Viral” means a brand post spreads quickly and unintentionally over social media channels. One well-timed post can go viral. Your brand’s marketing will showcase different products or services. Be patient and persistent in social media marketing. “Going viral” is the…