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Calvin is a political and business commentator with an extensive background in finance and marketing. He writes on a variety of topics including US Politics and global business developments.

Mukesh Ambani’s Succession Plan For Reliance — Everything Confirmed And Unconfirmed So Far

The lessons billionaire Mukesh Ambani learned the hard way about the need for prudent succession planning have led him to unusual steps to ensure the continuity of leadership at Reliance Industries Limited, India’s most prized corporate possession.

Strategic Defence Review: What India Can Learn From Pentagon To Counter China

Given the situation, the armed forces cannot be faulted for wanting to plug the gaps in their capabilities as quickly as possible. However, the cost of these emergency defence purchases would be difficult to justify in the absence of a long term strategic plan that takes into account both existing and future threats to the country. It is here that a Pentagon-style Strategic Defence Review could help India’s military rationalize its procurement priorities and sharpen its combat capabilities.

Trump’s Ban On TikTok And WeChat May Be More Trouble Than Its Worth

Though the decks have been cleared for TikTok USA’s eventual takeover by Microsoft Corp, questions remain over the legality of the deal. Experts say that Donald Trump had virtually nominated Microsoft to buy TikTok, with Satya Nadella having engaged in phone conversations with the President over the deal. Now with a ban on the horizon, TikTok is preparing to take Trump to court over what it calls racial discrimination by the US government.

Amazon And Walmart Wary Of Mukesh Ambani’s Feisty E-Commerce Entry — And Penchant For Market Dominance

Mukesh Ambani is eyeing stakes in a host of Indian e-retailers to bolster Reliance’s retail offerings. A number of deals are in the works which, if successful, could help the company compete head-on in a fast-growing online retail market projected to be worth an estimated $170 billion by the end of the next decade.

Why The US Stock Markets Hardly Give A Hoot Whether Trump Wins Or Biden

The US stock markets are booming despite the onset of a global recession. Despite controlling the levers of monetary policy, interest rates and taxation, President Trump will likely learn the immutable truth about the stock markets this November: that it has a mind of its own and cannot be contained by empty sloganeering.

The Political Becomes Personal — Barack Obama Enters The Fray On Joe Biden’s Behalf

From casting aspersions over the country of his birth to accusing Obama of wiretapping his phone, Trump would have certainly made a sworn enemy out of the 59-year-old, former president. With the 2020 US election around the corner, Mr Obama would be looking to get even by mentoring his former cabinet colleague, Joe Biden.

How American, Russian And French Fighter Jets Have Shaped The History Of Power Dynamics In South Asia

The strategic convergence of interests between the US and Pakistan saw the PAF acquire the F-86F Sabre in 1954, followed a short while later by the F-104 Starfighter in 1961. The latter had an aura of invincibility around it as the world’s fastest, high altitude supersonic fighter. The age of high performance combat aircraft had dawned in the subcontinent.

Espionage And Interference: Why Indian Diplomats View A Posting In Pakistan As Punishment For Past Sins

In the India-Pakistan context, the Indian diplomatic corps has played a critical role in helping bilateral relations survive periodic tremors. However, as any member of the IFS will corroborate, a posting in Pakistan means contending with a brand of rabid hostility towards Indians that is unique only to that country.

Mukesh Ambani’s 5G Ambitions With Jio Outweigh The Global Huawei Backlash

As India’s largest telecom operator, Jio’s entry into the 5G market was a given. Ambani even told visiting US President Trump in February that Jio would soon launch a 5G network that was completely free of Chinese components. No one could have guessed what was on his mind back then.

Trump, Putin, And Foreign Interference In Elections: The New Norm In International Statecraft

Interference in foreign elections is rapidly becoming a weapon of choice for affecting change in democratic nations. The US, with its not always illustrious record of engineering regime change, faces perhaps its greatest national security challenge from what is being termed Hybrid War, campaigns of propaganda and misinformation that seek to manipulate the will of the electorate.