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Is Ranveer Singh India’s answer to Lady Gaga?

What name comes to your mind when it comes to carrying any ensemble with absolute panache?

Top 8 Best Selling Sex Toys You Must Try

Most of us won’t even think about going to a restaurant or hiring a handyman without doing a little research first. Why not apply this

7 Things Women Secretly Want In Bed

What do women desire in bed, but are too shy to ask? Sex is all in the mind, for women and men.

Ladies! Us Men Love The Way You Smell Down There

Ever wondered what men really think about a women’s smell? Its the pheromones. A woman’s smell is caused by the pheromones that her body gives out. Turns out, men are su*kers for the way women smell.  Woman’s body, especially the…

Shared Orgasm: Here’s What Happens When You And Your Partner Climax At The Same Time

The benefits of having a shared orgasm are tenfold. A shared orgasm, where both partners climax or cum together at the same time,

Vibrating Panties That Will Rock Your World Day In And Day Out

If the idea of vibrating panties gives you all kinds of kinky, Fifty Shades vibes (pun totally intended), you are only half wrong. We found the best vibrating panties for women that fit inside of the underwear you already own. Vibrating panties are…

Here’s Why Loud Sex Is Not Always Good Sex

We have all seen it. Movies, books, and shows have all depicted one thing: women being loud and vocal during sex.

How To Have Multiple Orgasms?

When it comes to sex, people expect guaranteed multiple orgasms in better and bigger ways. This is why a lot of people

Water Masturbation: How To Flick The Bean In The Stream?

If masturbation has become a little monotonous for you, it is time to take advantage of the tips we give in your shower time

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ‘Tea Bagging’

Tea Bagging Sexual Act! Just like fashion, you often hear of a new term in the dating and sex scene. From stealthing, benching to the catfishing-the list is endless.

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