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Why Your Women Won’t Give You A Blowjob?

Some women simply hate blow jobs, they hate sucking it, it doesn’t turn them on. No big deal, plain and simple. Maybe this statement is sure to enrage heaps of men, and even women, who consider blow jobs a mandatory…

How Long Should Sex Last According To Women?

Have you ever wondered how long sex should last?

The Guide To Erotic Pleasure: Edge Yourself

If your partner cums before you orgasm, then you may know a lot more about edging yourself benefits! Learning how to edge can be great!

Yamraj carries away Pedestrians crossing Railway Tracks in Mumbai

In a never before and extremely witty move, Western Railways and Yamraj have found a heavenly hilarious way to teach rule-breakers a lesson right on the railway tracks in Mumbai.

Will you let your girlfriend wear this ‘naked bikini’ to the beach?

The answer is a most probable ‘no’ for most men (and women) out there. But this bikini is so hot that it might come in handy to drive you nuts in the bedroom. Tammy Hembrow’s extremely controversial (and extremely sensual)…

I Lost My Virginity To A One Night Stand And This Is What Followed

Ideally, we want to lose our virginity to someone we love and trust. As much as we want our first time to be perfect, there is not much we can do to change the circumstances,

Why Married Women Cheat The Most

Reports admit that more women than ever are cheating on their husbands. Here are the reasons why married women cheat! Click through.

It’s So. Freaking. Hot. Wife Having Sex with Hundred Men Watching

Wife having sex in public! I had gone from having sex every 3 months to having sex 3 times a week. My husband and I have had a decent marriage and most of our time now goes bringing up kids.…

This p()rn star is desperately looking for a boyfriend, are you her man?

When a porn star is looking for a boyfriend, she sure is looking at a long line of men trying to catch her eye. Natalia Starr is looking for a boyfriend, do you fit the profile of the man of…

How Long Should A Blowjob Last?

It’s an age-old question that mostly just women have pondered upon When you go down on a dick, how long does a blowjob last?

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