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One Nation One Language: Tomorrow it could be One Nation One God?

Home Minister Amit Shah opined that India needs Hindi to ensure inclusivity, and the non-Hindi speaking states responded furiously – and they were fiery, witty and some memes being outright hilarious.

‘Head of State’ with a question mark on the ‘State of his Head’ – Trump fires his 3rd NSA, how many more ‘heads’ to go?

Trump had to fire NSA Bolton eventually, but what took so long for the POTUS and what finally triggered the urge for another twitter firing?

#ISROWeAreProudOfYou, But ISRO’s Scientists suffered a paycut: India asks PM Modi, Why?

While India is celebrating and feeling immensely proud of the work done by Scientists and Engineers at ISRO in the Chandrayaan 2 Mission; the same scientists and engineers have received pay cuts in 2019 for their hard work. When Chandrayaan…

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ‘Tea Bagging’

Tea Bagging Sexual Act! Just like fashion, you often hear of a new term in the dating and sex scene. From stealthing, benching to the catfishing-the list is endless.

India is the World Leader in Food Adulteration Epidemic ( SHOCKING Story…)

India leads the world in unhealthy packaged foods and a lack of oversight means the 1.3 billion population is being fed slow poison of adulteration epidemic.

How to lick a ‘Lady’ Out: make your way down slowly this weekend

Eating a girl out is one of the best ways to satisfy her sexually and scream but it can also be great for you as well. There are many secrets to eating a girl out, you don’t know!

Tips And Tricks To Ace Your First Time Sex

At a certain point, you might start thinking of having sex for the first time. In addition to this, you may be wondering how it feels; how to handle any anxiety that may accompany it, and how to be safe.

7 Celebrities Who Battled Through Mental Illness

Bollywood celebrities got an inspiration to talk about their mental illness unless Deepika Padukone’s candid confession.

It’s Time To Call Quits On That Long-Distance Relationship

Just like any other relationship, even long-distance relationships start to show signs of showing.

Catfishing Is Real! Tips To Recognize It Instantly

Dating has changed a lot in the past few decades, for worse and for worse. It is great that meeting

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