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Kobe Bryant Memorabilia You Can Order Online

Kobe Bryant has cemented his place as one of the NBA legends. Kobe Bryant’s sports memorabilia allow fans to keep a strong connection with their idol even after his passing. For this reason, any sports memorabilia related to Kobe has increased in popularity and relatively in value. With that said here are a few of Kobe’s sports memorabilia you can order online.

Google lets you use iPhone as physical security key for 2FA

Google Smart Lock app on the iOS has received a new update that allows you to use you iPhone as physical two-factor authentication (2FA) security key. With version 1.6, you can set your phone’s built-in security key for your Google Account.

Ways To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To Oh My F*ckin God

There is nothing wrong with a little plain sex. Vanilla ice cream is delicious, but if you never add other flavors and toppings to it,

The Ultimate Guide To Sex Toys

You know the awfully shaped toys made for adults to get sexual pleasure? Yup, today we are gonna talk about them. You are welcome. Women’s sex toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, smell, functions, choices,…

20 People Shared Their Wildest Group Sex Fantasies

More than 60% of people have fantasized about group sex in one way or the other. Find out what are soe of the wildest group sex fantasies

BIS Report – Ambiguous. Weak Opposition’s Dirty Ploy Ridiculed By People of Delhi

A highly inconclusive BIS report on the purity of drinking water has culminated into a toxic blame game being played by opposition leaders and created mass hysteria and panic among Delhi’s residents. Politicians are known to be opportune. And the…

I Don’t Like Kinky Sex, Said No Man Ever

Kinky Sex! You need to put on your best attire to get the most of that applause (Probably on your peach). It’s easy to seduce your man by just

Why I Love Sharing My Husband With Another Woman

Spicing things up in a BIG way Have you ever thought about sharing your husband with another woman? It may not be for all to do so – first set of people detest this thought, second set of people love…

10 Bollywood Sequels that should NOT have been made

Bollywood has gone into a frenzy of sequels. Reviving some of the hits from the past and riding on their success seems easier than making a new movie. Some of the movies are hardly sequels and they just use the…

Tips And Tricks To Ace Your First Time Sex

At a certain point, you might start thinking of having sex for the first time. In addition to this, you may be wondering how it feels; how to handle any anxiety that may accompany it, and how to be safe.

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