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Keanu Reeves is in Custody?

Who should Keanu Reeves stick with and what role? DC or Marvel? Marvel and DC are in a custody battle over Keanu Reeves – Find out who gets him Further to mega success of John Wick movies – the superstar…

Rambo: Last Blood Review: Prescription from Global Critics: Make sure you’ve ‘Taken’ that Aspirin

No body wants to see an old action hero or safe to say outdated action star. Sylvester Stallone is returning to the limelight once again with his John Rambo character. This could be his last shot but looks like an…

Captain America’s best story has been STOLEN?

Marvel Black Widow Movie! The name sounds so familiar. Isn’t it! Just a heads up before we get into the real context of the story – In the 1960’s Captain America and red Guardian had a rivalry that did not survive…

12 Most Stylish Men In Hollywood Ever

These men will leave you drooling not only on looks but on style as well.

Sara Ali Khan – The New Bollywood Sensation who can wound Millions of Hearts with just her SMILE!

She exudes the confidence and feistiness of today’s generation but also retains vintage values of simplicity, humility, and respect

After your social media accounts, hackers are onto your sexual pleasure

A B*ttplug hacker reveals why he hacked a b*ttplug.Voting machines weren’t the only thing getting penetrated

Jawdropping international destinations for your next trip

Bored with the typical sight-seeing? Don’t want another weekend at some hill station or beach? These are some breath-takin..

3D-printed glimpses into future human settlements on Mars

NASA’s 3D printed habitat completion was a big success, and the bases designed by the participating teams will give you a

Sexy Exhibitionism – How to Go Nude in Public

Exhibitionism may be attractive and fun, as long as you retain it clean and don’t overstep your boundaries.

Is this what’s called a Permanent Boner?

Doctors carrying out an X-ray on a man’s pelvis after a fall were shocked to discover his penis was turning

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