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Namor’s Entry Into MCU Sets Up An Epic Avengers Vs X-Men Crossover

A new array of superheroes are soon making a debut into the MCU and in midst of them is Marvel’s oldest hero or anti-hero, as you’d know him, Namor, the submariner

MCU Moves On From Scarlett Johansson — Replaces Black Widow With Chloe Bennet’s Quake

While Black Widow’s solo outing is yet to be featured in the MCU, seems like Marvel Studios have found a replacement of the deadly spy in Agent of Shield’s Agent Daisy Johnson aka Quake After Marvel Studios absolved Marvel Television…

Hulu’s Helstrom Confirms Ghost Rider’s Arrival In The MCU

Hulu’s Helstrom announcement has many undertones to it from missing Marvel branding to opening ways for Ghost Rider’s entry into the MCU

Wakanda Alert! Chadwick Boseman’s Nemesis In Black Panther 2 Revealed

In an Avenger: Endgame Easter egg Marvel hinted at the presence of Namor, the submariner, now with The Eternals, he might finally rise from the sunken city

So Long Bradley Cooper! MCU Phase 5 Kicks Off With Rocket Raccoon’s End

Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 3 will explore Rocket’s traumatizing past and perhaps see him come up against his abusers.

Marvel To Rely On The Iron Man Strategy For Pivotal New Avenger In Phase 4

Monica Rambeau’s character potential and accomplishments in the Marvel comics especially Avengers, have made her one hero that fans are rooting for

WandaVision’s Monica Rambeau Is MCU’s New Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau debut in Captain Marvel origin story as a little girl, an adult version of her will appear in WandaVision. Marvel might have plans to plant the protege for taking over the Captain Marvel mantel in the MCU. Captain…

Tony Stark Left The MCU But His Genius Did Not

Iron Man might be dead but his presence is felt in the MCU Phase 4 through Tony Stark’s various inventions. Here’s what you can expect

Chris Evans Gave An Advanced Course In Combat To Captain America

Captain America is a super soldier and a fierce warrior here’s how actor Chris Evans evolved his fighting style throughout his MCU journey

Jane Foster’s Mjolnir and Rocket’s Addition To Thor’s Hammer Collection

Thor is inseparable from his hammer Mjolnir it has been a source of his powers and motivation. But there are other powerful weapons the God of Thunder has wielded.

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