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Atorudibo Trust

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Education: University of Lagos, Computer Science. | Trust began writing creative content for, a hotel booking company in Lagos. After graduation, he scaled up his creative writing abilities, working in industries across Real estate, education, technology and lifestyle. He currently freelances for several publications including DKODING Media, Lifestyleafriq, and Carvity Trade, while managing social pages for a couple of local brands. | Professional affiliation: Digital Marketers Association, Africa (Digiclan)

Black Widow: Here’s What Really Happened In Budapest

Key Details In Black Widow’s Budapest Mission Could Unlock Phase 4 Plot After the pandemic caused kick-off of the MCU’s Phase 4 to be delayed by almost a year, fans have had to spend the last 8 months getting tit-bits…

Black Widow’s Disney+ Announcement To Come On December 10

Mark the calendar for December 10 to know Black Widow’s fate: to be released on Disney+ or not Although the rest of the world has been making significant progress in recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic, the United States has not…

Blood Origin: How Jason Momoa Precedes Henry Cavill’s Witcher

GoT and Aquaman star Jason Momoa is rumoured to feature in the Witcher spinoff Blood Origins For a lot of Netflix fans who’ve had to endure a long wait for their favourite shows to resume, the news that production was…

What To Expect From Deadpool Wolverine Rivalry In The MCU

Both Deadpool and Wolverine will join the MCU sooner than later so what should fans expect out of their rivalry

Doctor Strange Set To Vindicate Peter Parker In Spider-Man 3

What to expect from Spider-Man and Doctor Strange’s Multiverse adventure in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 With phase 4 of Marvel’s cinematic universe set to kick off in the coming weeks, fans might need to rewatch a couple of the old…

The Real Reason Behind Netflix Cancelling Female-Centric Shows In 2020

The pandemic struck Netflix with a tough pill to swallow, it cancelled women-driven shows in 2020 and is under scrutiny from an inclusivity perspective

WandaVision To Bring Back Dead Avengers In MCU Phase 4

WandaVision Is Set To Resurrect Scarlett Johanson’s Black Widow

Falcon And The Winter Soldier To Set-up Iman Vellani As Ms Marvel

Looks like, Ms Marvel can debut sooner than later with the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Post pandemic activity for Marvel Studios has kicked off in earnest with a lot of rescheduling, and a couple of new developing projects being…

Doctor Strange’s Multiverse Rules Confirms Rumoured Cameos

In MCU future Doctor Strange will not only mentor Spider-Man but the new kid on the block America Chavez as well

Gal Gadot’s Bane To Chris Pine’s Conflict — Patty Jenkins Puzzles Wonder Woman Fans

After weeks of exciting teasers and speculation, DC’s virtual FanDome offered an immersive experience for fans, who were able to glean details about upcoming movies, series, games and comics. The Wonder Woman 1984 panel kickstarted the event, with director Patty Jenkins giving fans another trailer, which addressed some leaks from the highly-anticipated sequel.