Arushi Chaudhary

Writer covering Trade and Policy

Education: Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism, Panjab University Arushi Chaudhary is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in print publications such as the Pune Mirror and Hindustan Times, and another 6 years of freelance writing for digital platforms and print publications - The Tribune, BR International magazine, Sum Up, Make My Trip, Killer Features, The Money Times, Senhora, and Home Review, to name a few. She is a newshound with a special interest in politics, both domestic and on the world stage.

‘Never Seen Before’ Brain Disease Grips Canadian Province, Stumps Doctors

In a small Canadian province of New Brunswick, 48 people have so far presented with abaffling mix of serious symptoms, ranging from impaired motor function to insomnia,hallucinations and memory loss. After a battery of tests and diagnostics performed on these…

Trading in Crypto: Investment or Gambling?

For a better part of the first decade of their existence, cryptocurrencies enjoyed limitedattention from a rather exclusive pool of patrons. Then, sometime around 2017, cryptos –Bitcoin in particular – started making headlines with their steadily bullish ride at the…

Covid-19 Pandemic Has Left 97 Percent Indians Poorer: CMIE

Nearly 55% Indians categorically stated that they were worse off than they were a year ago.

Trump In Thick Soup With NY Grand Jury, Cries Witch Hunt. Former Employees Say ‘About Time’

This probe into the criminal charges is no longer just about Trump, its scope seems to have expanded.

The Epic Battle Against Apple: How One Court Case Can Change The iPhone Forever

Even if Epic doesn’t score on all counts in this lawsuit, it will most likely succeed in shaking up the status quo for Apple.

3,954,934 COVID Deaths Left Out Due To Underreporting Globally

Downplaying the death toll, either by design or due to pure lack of means to assess the real extent of fatalities, can have a direct bearing on a country’s pandemic response and policy.

India’s Credit Rating Moves Perilously Close To “Junk” Grade

India’s investment grade sovereign rating is now the lowest with a negative outlook from all three major global agencies – S&P, Fitch and Moody’s with warnings to downgrade as low as the “junk category”.

India’s Covid Crisis Requires Modi Cut The Red Tape On Foreign Aid

Where on one hand, millions are being raised globally to help a 1.4 billion-strong nation sail through its most crippling crises, on the other, the non-profits in India are reeling under a severe paucity of funds.

India’s Stock Markets Remain Resilient Despite Covid-19 Devastation

The Pandemic is on a killing spree in the country and businesses & MSMEs are not impervious to it. So why does the D-Street remain immune to the gruesome impact of the second Covid wave?

India’s Vaccine Shortage Isn’t Just Simple Math Gone Wrong

The “pharma of the world” – India faces vaccine shortages as Covid-19 cases peak at 400,00 in a day. Opp slams Centre for lack of preparedness and washing its hands off accountability.