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Arudhi Verma

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Arudhi writes on Politics, Economy and Latest news. A commerce and psychology graduate with a soft corner for classic novels, nothing spells 'love' like art and coffee for her. When not writing/reading poetries, she can be found dancing alone in her room with loud music or painting by her window. She has played professional roles as Writer, Editor and Assistant Director in past and doesn't hesitate from trying new boxes every now and then.

Trump Drive-By Raises Questions But Stock Market Highs

Disregarding the logic of quarantine, President Donald Trump drove around the hospital waving at his supporters. He sat in the backseat of an SUV, accompanied by two Secret Service agents sitting in front, conveniently exposing them to the virus.

Twitter Warns To Remove Tweets Wishing For President Trump To Die

Donald Trump is under treatment for Covid-19 but radical groups and individuals on twitter are wishing President Trump dies. After President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus, the twitter is inundated with reactions. While most of…

What You Should Know — If Trump Becomes Incapacitated To Run For Elections

President Trump is hospitalized after testing positive a month before elections. Will he let the odds go against him? A Month To Elections — What Are The Possibilities After Trump Tests Positive and what happens if Trump becomes incapacitated? President…

Give Me A F—ing Break — Melania Trump’s Leaked Tapes Reveal Massive Frustration

The first lady can be heard expressing her frustration on being questioned about immigrant children separated from their families and Christmas decoration at the white house. Another addition in the series of revelation bombs dropping on the White House is…

Trump Fails America — Covid-19 Back As The Prime Agenda For US Elections 2020

How much more will America have to suffer because of the inestimable arrogance of a delusional leader?

President Trump Tested Positive For Covid-19 — What Next?

The U.S. President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump have been tested positive for Covid-19. The announcement came a few hours after his top aide Hope Hicks was tested positive. President Trump took the announcement of his covid-19…

Joe Biden: The Democratic Disappointment During First Presidential Debate

If not worse, Joe Biden was not any better than Donald Trump in the presidential debate. It’s high time former Vice President needs to pull up his socks and step out of his comfort zone. The first debate of the…

Trump-Biden Debate Highlights: Moments When The Below Par Debate Turned Into A Debacle

Among the highlights of the 90-minute long US Presidential debate 2020 between Donald Trump and Joe Biden were matters like coronavirus handling, systemic racism, unemployment, Trump’s taxes, and how his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett could reshape Supreme Court.

After Trump’s Tax Evasion News, Ivanka Trump In Grave Trouble

Ivanka Trump appears in deep trouble after Trump’s tax evasion report reveals unlawful deflection of money to her bank accounts. Definitely not a good time to contest reelections. The recent New York Times report on Trump’s tax evasion has placed…

Donald Trump’s Taxes Exposed — Report Reveals Massive Tax Swindle, Takes The US By Storm

This must be a nightmare for Donald Trump, no matter how much he denies. However, the truth is, the ugly tale of Donald Trump’s taxes is the ostensible end of Trump’s political career. Of course, if he doesn’t end up…