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Arudhi Verma

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Arudhi writes on Politics, Economy and Latest news. A commerce and psychology graduate with a soft corner for classic novels, nothing spells 'love' like art and coffee for her. When not writing/reading poetries, she can be found dancing alone in her room with loud music or painting by her window. She has played professional roles as Writer, Editor and Assistant Director in past and doesn't hesitate from trying new boxes every now and then.

Whitney Wolfe Herd — Bumble Founder’s Story of Grits And Guts

The success of the world’s largest online dating company Bumble was full of trauma and indomitable spirit. In 2014, the online dating app Bumble disrupted the industry with its women-first approach, ripping apart it’s biggest competitor, Tinder. Six years down…

Trump Decided Not To Pardon Himself. The Consequences Are Fatal.

Can the former president face legal troubles now that he is no more in the White House? Yes. Did he do anything before leaving the Oval to protect himself against any such possibility? Surprisingly, no.

Top World Leaders Congratulate Biden & Harris On Twitter, Raise Critical Issues

From human rights and COVID-19 to climate change and equality, world’s biggest leaders put their expectations forward as they congratulated the Biden-Harris administration on inauguration day.

President Biden Marks Historic White House Debut With Surgical Strikes On Trump’s Legacy

Biden’s first presidential decisions target Trump’s policy legacy with 17 Executive Orders, with immediate effect.

Biden Inherits From Trump A White House Besieged By Grave Challenges

It is no exaggeration to say that Donald Trump has turned the world upside down under his leadership. So much so that on his first day in office, Joe Biden will confront a herculean task of restoring, or at least pacifying, the worrisome mood both in his homeland and around the world.

Is This The End Of Trump? Capitol Insurrection Destroyed The President In Unimaginable Ways

From private players to educational institutions and social media platforms, there’s nowhere for Trump to go.

Elon Musk & Tesla’s Entry Into Indian EV Space Is A Blessing For Bhavish Aggarwal’s Ola Electric

Contrary to what it looks like, Tesla’s entry in the Indian electric vehicles market is a lottery for emerging players like Ola Electric.

Donald Trump Impeached — But Will He Really Be Removed From The Oval?

The House of Representatives impeached Donald Trump, accusing him of ‘inciting an insurrection against the United States government’. Trump has made history by becoming the first president to be impeached twice.  On 7th January 2021, pro-trump insurrectionists attacked the capitol…

Mike Pence’s 25th Amendment Dilemma: The Urgency To Oust Trump vs Death Threats

Insurrectionists at US Capitol were determined to find Vice President and execute him, according to a Reuters photographer. On the other hand, Mike Pence and cabinet might just invoke 25th amendment.

US Capitol Riots: Trump Has Penned The Last Chapter Of His Legacy Of Violence And Hate

US Capitol riots shook millions of Americans, including Trump’s inner circle. And there stands the President, losing his most trusted deputies, one by one.