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7 Ways To Break Up A Couple

Sometimes when people get in a relationship, they put blinders on and can’t separate reality from the

Unbelievable Things Your Man Thinks During Shower Sex

10 shower secrets men want you to know!

Anurag Kashyap quits twitter after facing death threats for speaking his mind

Bollywood Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has once again quit the micro-blogging site, citing concerns over

Octopus on your wrist: A mollusc-inspired wearable

The researchers have developed a weird yet the most effective wearable device for monitoring body activities, what’s weird in it? It is inspired by the octopus suckers. If the wearable devices causes you trouble in wearing them as a watch…

Deep Penetration: The head over heel stunt

When it’s about the big S moment…it’s all about the big P taking action as well! The deeper, the better!

Did you know being single could make you live longer?

When anyone gets past the age of 100, everyone wants to know how the hell they made it to three figures.

The Best Nude Beaches In The World

Some of you may argue that there’s a problem with nude beaches – you don’t choose who takes off their clothes and who does not. But this is taken away by the simple fact that nude beaches have the best advantage – nude people.

Drain-Cleaning Robot Will Save Indian Sewage Workers’ Lives

Drain-Cleaning Robot Will Save Indian Sewage Workers’ Lives

10 most powerful women characters on Netflix

Netflix the next craze for people and that to women are ruling Netflix by their amazing characters and roles they played.

Ethiopians Love The Environment: Plant 350 Million Trees In One Day

Ethiopians planted more than 350 million trees in a single day, officials have said, in what they claimed was a world record.

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