Amit Parhi

Amit Parhi

Writer covering Business and Technology News

Education- B. Com (Accountancy and Business Economics), Fakir Mohan University, Odisha. Amit covers business and economic news for DKODING Media Inc. He is a keen observer of developments in the Indian as well as the global macroeconomic sphere. He has a long experience of working for media houses specialized in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Startups Witness A Paradigm Shift In The VC Funding Pattern

Indian Startups witnessed one of the best periods in 2019. The startup community was able to raise a whopping $14.5 billion in the last year, according to Tracxn, a research firm. The data also showed that almost half of the startups founded in 2019 received funding. However, the bullish outlook was soon phased out with the coronavirus outbreak that started in China.

Netflix Has A Megaplan To Takeover African And Asian OTT Markets

The viewership of OTT platforms has recently skyrocketed as almost the entire world went into lockdown. The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift into how we watch. With the movie theatres closed, viewers across all the age groups are thronging to web platforms that were earlier believed to be a place for only youngsters.

Europe Is In No Mood To Entertain Netanyahu’s Annexation Fantasy, With Or Without Trump

Though the Israeli government is yet to provide any official timeline for the actualization of the annexation, stiff opposition across the globe has begun against the move.

As Trade Fairs Go Virtual, Generating Business Is Cheaper Than Ever Before

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in every part of our lives. The virus outbreak led to a nation-wide lockdown, which has caused tremendous damage to India’s economic system.

A Glimpse Of India Inc’s Agile And Innovative COVID-19 Response

India has recently become the fifth most affected country with more than a quarter of a million cases and almost 7500 deaths. The pandemic hit came along with an economic crisis. However, the response from India Inc in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic has been laudable.

The Hire & Fire Culture — Don’t Blame Startups For A Flawed Ecosystem

By the beginning of April, many major startups and unicorns started feeling the heat of a cash crunch. Their businesses were hit severely by the imposition of lockdown. Due to the two-month-long lockdown across the nation, the revenue of these startups has received a major blow.

The Hong Kong Experiment — China Is Testing The West’s Patience

China plans to introduce a fundamental change to its relationship with Hong Kong. Like all its previous attempts, China’s new plan has received a severe backlash from Hong Kongers and with it from the international corridors.