Akshit Gupta

Four Classic Engineering Mistakes That Kill Startups All The Time

Engineering mistakes can kill the most promising startups. So, it is necessary to know how to prevent them before they happen. Here’s a list of 4 lousy engineering mistakes that can be fatal to your beloved company.

Myths and Realities: Why So Many Startups Fail At 50+ Employees

If you know any experienced startup executives who have worked with entrepreneurs over the years, you will likely have heard stories of startups with great potential falling apart once they cross the threshold of 50 Employees.

Rethink Impact: The Venture Firm Investing In Entrepreneurial Diversity During COVID-19

Rethink Impact was founded by Jenny Abramson in 2016 as an Impact venture firm with a focus on investing in female tech entrepreneurs. Within the space of four years, it has become the largest impact venture fund in the US solely dedicated to investing in female tech entrepreneurs.

Backed By Coatue, Vedantu Forces Its Way Into The Ed-Tech Big League Alongside Byju’s

Earlier this week Vedantu, the new generation ed-tech startup focused on providing a medium between teachers and students for live tuition raised $100 M in Series D funding led by Coatue.

As Tech Giants Underscore India’s Relevance, Google Outrivals Facebook And Amazon

Indian-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Monday his company’s plans to invest a sum of 10 Billion dollars in India

How Hefty Is Walmart’s ‘Flipkart Fund’ For Kalyan Krishnamurthy To Keep Pace With Amazon And Jio?

With the Reliance Industries flagship JIO Mart already having an $8 Billion backing from Facebook and Vista Equity while a further $4 Billion in talks with Google topped by a $1 Billion investment in India by Amazon makes this investment crucial for the survival of Flipkart.

How Braintree Founder Bryan Johnson Is Creating A Global Platform of Interconnected Brains At Kernel

Earlier this week, LA-based neurotech start-up Kernel raised $53 Million from Series C funding led by General Catalyst, with companies such as Khosla Ventures, Eldridge, Mata Ray Venture and Tiny Blue Dot participating. This is the first external money received by Kernel, even though it’s Series C funding, because CEO Bryan Johnson had already invested $54 Million over the last two rounds.

Facebook-Backed Unacademy ⁠— Climbing Swiftly To The Top Of The EduTech Ecosystem

With a fluid acquisition policy that focuses on diversifying expertise, a successful Youtube channel with over 150 million views, and an identified market of growth in Tier 1 and 2 cities, Unacademy is arguably the rising star of Edu-tech in India.

Vying To Fill The TikTok Vacuum, Chingari And Mitron TV Wake Up To Big League Challenges

Even though the application ban is a welcome move, as far as Indian Application development is concerned, some grave challenges remain. Bridging the gap between the user experience of big players and one of the Indian Apps remains a key impediment to the success of Indian developers.

iPhone 12 Is Set To Be Apple’s Biggest Upgrade Since 5S! ⁠— Here’s What To Expect

We expect the latest iPhone model to release during fall in September or October. After looking at the prototypes, we have rounded up all the features that we know and we expect with this much-awaited machine.