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Editorial Staff of DKODING and focuses on covering news from Bollywood.

5 Bollywood Male Actors Who Went Naked On Camera

If the script required male actors to get butt-naked, these Bollywood male actors dared to drop their pants off. Literally! Female actors getting nude on camera is a common thing. You would easily remember the films where a female actor…

Unseen Embarrassing Photos of Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood’s limelight comes with its fair share of such unseen and embarrassing photos of actors moments that are snapped and cast in time.

8 Bollywood actresses who dared to go nude on camera

Once in a while, Bollywood actress bares it all for their fans or would say their projects to whom they committed to. If you say Bollywood is not bold enough, then this must be made you think again. Check these…

15 Most Erotic films Of Bollywood

Erotic films of Bollywood that you can watch when the temperature is going down. So, dear friend curls up on the couch with your favorite….

Our Beautiful Bollywood Queens without Makeup – Take a Looksee!

Have you ever wondered how a Bollywood actress looks without makeup? Let’s admit, we all have. We found out and made the most interesting lists of Bollywood Actresses… Being an actress is not that easy as we think, they have…

6 Bollywood actress who went nude for jaw-dropping photoshoots

Bollywood actresses have produced some of the most daunting nude photoshoots of all time. Scroll down to see their steamiest avatars. Despite the conservative nature that the industry follows on-screen, nude photoshoots of Bollywood actress have surfaced and ruled. A…

Love or Lust? – Bollywood’s Most Controversial Love Triangles

It happens with our Bollywood stars too! from Raj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor here are some ‘Bollywood Love Triangles’ some turned to dust!

5 Bollywood Stars who can’t stand their fans

Bollywood actors try hard to maintain their on-screen and off-screen public image. But, sometimes they fail. And miserably too. Scroll down to know who all unleashed fury on their fans! Fans make their favourite actors larger than life, turning them…

10 times Kareena Kapoor Khan proved that she is the meanest leading lady of Bollywood

Kareena Kapoor sometimes gives the meanest comments to her co-stars. We know you are intrigued by what Kareena Kapoor said about her…

This is how Kartik Aaryan deals with a break-up

In a recent interview with a magazine, Kartik Aaryan was asked some questions on love and breakups. On the question of how…

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