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The Modern Day Dronacharya!

Meet Vamsi Krishna, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Vedantu, the interactive online tutoring platform for students. Vedantu offers individual and group classes delivered by experienced teachers in a LIVE real-time, virtual learning environment. It was co-founded by Vamsi Krishna…

Cheesing all the way! Jon Steinberg

Jon Steinberg is the founder and CEO of Cheddar, a new video media company focussed on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services. “I have been following Jon Steinberg on LinkedIn for a few years now. His philosophy of…

The Modern Monk. Making wisdom, entertaining.

Meet Jay Shetty. An award winning host, storyteller and a viral content creator. Making the complicated, uncomplicated. When you see Jay Shetty, there is something so ‘genuine’ about him. Jay comes across as a calm person with an extremely good…

Computer programmer. Website Creator. CEO. And still 16.

Advait Thakur. An Indian computer programmer and Teenage Internet entrepreneur. Founder of Apex Infosys India and is currently its CEO. India is a land of numerous inventions. We gave the world Chess, Decimal System, Quadratic formula and Zero! We have…

In India, woman rapes woman. With words.

Patriarchal Aunty judges who should get raped. And it all depends on their length of the dress.   Shocking and disgusting. That’s what this news is. We are sad that we have to report an incident like this. But we…

DKODING as the name suggests is on a crusade to bring out the ‘OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY’ in a world drowning with fury and frenzy. It provides deeper insights and perspectives beyond NEWS.

Breaking burning issues through a narrative that is fresh, fearless and fiery.


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