Aditya Vaibhav

Writer covering International Politics

Education: Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication (Nalanda University, Patna) | Aditya Vaibhav is a Delhi-based journalist and researcher. Prior to DKODING Media Inc., he has contributed articles and news stories for various Indian and foreign media platforms including The Times of India, JORNLR and The Wire.

Sticks, Stones, And Other Signs Of China’s Sinister Plan

Chinese border troops of the PLA are not known to act on their own accord. For a country that forcefully bans the use of social media tools for even civilians, how can PLA troops escalate tensions when negotiations for de-escalation are ongoing?

As Populism Takes Charge, The Concept Of Globalization Faces An Identity Crisis

The pandemic triggered by coronavirus is a transformative global event, requiring fresh thinking. After decades of globalization, the political system in the US has become obsolete; regular spasms of resurgent nationalism are a sign of its irreversible decline.

Ill-Timed Aggression Against India: China Risks United Ire

Refusing to bow down to the coercive tactics of a bellicose China, India has decided to not back down from a standoff with China – along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.

Can Modi’s Global Governance Make India The Centrepiece Of The New World Order?

With the role of BRICS countries touted crucial in shaping the post-pandemic world order, willingness and competence can guide India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reap the benefits of global governance it extended during Covid-19.

Another Ramadan Without Prayers From Pakistan For China’s Uighur Muslims

Ramadan Under Lockdown: The world may be experiencing a festivity deprived state of affairs for the first time but for Uighur Muslims in China, it’s nothing new.

Trump’s Policy Of Isolationism — Destroying The Legacy Of 12 Former Presidents

Above all else, President Donald Trump hailed “Make America Great Again!” as his biggest promise while electioneering. But Trump administration’s vision for America veers in the direction of isolationism that has a long history.

Should The World Thank China?

Contaminated drug shipments from China have forced lawmakers worldwide to give serious thought to the threat of weaponized medicine.

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For ModiNomics

How will the industry recover and when it emerges from this crisis, will it look completely different? The immediate impact has been cataclysmic, but there are also concerns growing over the future of the Indian economy.