Aditya Ubare

Aditya Ubare

Entertainment writer covering Films, TV and the Web genre

Education: Bachelor’s in Mass Media, Advertising, Wilson College (Mumbai) | Aditya covers Films, TV and the Web genre of the Entertainment beat. He started his professional career with a stint in advertising as a Copywriter. After 4 years of life as a full-time copywriter in mainline and digital agencies, he switched to a freelance role, writing on films and web series. Over the course of 6 years as a freelance writer he has written features for Red Bull, Tinkle Comics, while writing scripts for ad films, corporate videos and short films. He continues to work and develop his concepts and scripts for films and TV. He also has acting credits in a few commercials and a short film to his name.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The One Show That Thrashed Stereotypes To The Ground

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While Joker and Parasite seem to be dealing with different subjects, their actions and consequences are closely related to class struggles.