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I only realized after my brief tryst with the subject of Understanding Cinema that films weren’t just an escape from reality but had the power to impact reality itself. Today, I like to write about those impacts, recommending the favorites occasionally, while dreaming of someday writing my own film.

Watch Atleast One Of These Lesser-Known Offbeat Films This Weekend

In the world of online streaming platforms, there are two kinds of content– one is popular content which everyone is talking about, that is

Iconic Films That Lost Best Picture Oscar On A Coin Toss

Some Best Picture winners at the Oscars probably wouldn’t earn a nomination had they been made any other year. And then there are some iconic films which miss out on the Best Picture award because they were nominated alongside other iconic films.

Parasite Or Joker? ⁠— Preference Is A Question of Class

While Joker and Parasite seem to be dealing with different subjects, their actions and consequences are closely related to class struggles.

DKODING as the name suggests is on a crusade to bring out the ‘OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY’ in a world drowning with fury and frenzy. It provides deeper insights and perspectives beyond NEWS.

Breaking burning issues through a narrative that is fresh, fearless and fiery.


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