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I only realized after my brief tryst with the subject of Understanding Cinema that films weren’t just an escape from reality but had the power to impact reality itself. Today, I like to write about those impacts, recommending the favorites occasionally, while dreaming of someday writing my own film.

Michael Schur: The Genius Creator Every Television And Online Network Is After

Michael Schur has been the name behind writing, producing, and creating some of the most successful shows over the past 21 years. Read more to

Amazon Prime’s The Test Reveals Steve Smith’s Lone Battle Back To The Top

The Test is an 8 part docu-series, brought to screens by Amazon Prime, and looks at the events after the sandpaper-gate controversy during the South Africa series, the resurgence of the team post the suspension of David Warner and Steven…

Parks And Recreation Does More Justice To Its Characters Than The Office

The Office is undoubtedly one of the best comedies ever. However, Parks and Recreation does a far better job of showcasing it. Read on to know

How And Where To Watch The Best Wes Anderson Films Before His Next, The French Dispatch, Arrives

Wes Anderson’s multi-starrer, ‘The French Dispatch’, has been delayed due to the pandemic. This list looks at his films in the order of best to not the best (Wes Anderson has no worst), from his debut to his last release,…

Greatest TV Shows That Ruined Their Legacy By Going On For Too Long

Over the years, some of the greatest shows have suffered from the “don’t know when to end” syndrome. Through this list, we take a look at

The Ultimate List Of Film Franchises To Binge During The Quarantine

If you are tired of binging on web shows or you are just looking for an opportunity to binge on some of the best film series in history,

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The One Show That Thrashed Stereotypes To The Ground

In a world where sitcoms have usually found it difficult to find the balance between being genuinely funny and socially relevant, without sounding preachy or offensive, Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes in as a breath of fresh air and manages to do…

Stranger Things: Duffer Brothers Carry On Paying Tribute To Pop Culture

Netflix’s Strangers Things has given us way too many reasons to love it over the course of its 3 seasons. A group of bike-riding kids fighting a monster from another world called the Upside Down. A waffle-loving girl with telekinetic powers.

Amazon’s The Boys Beats All The Marvel And DC’s Superhero Shows

In a world of sugar-coated superhero content, where the heroes can do nothing wrong, and even if they do everything will be eventually fine

Watch Atleast One Of These Lesser-Known Offbeat Films This Weekend

In the world of online streaming platforms, there are two kinds of content– one is popular content which everyone is talking about, that is

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