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He builds a deep reserach capability for team DKODING when it comes political issues and matters concerning larger spectrum globally.

MP’s VIP Privilege versus Right to Education: Why JNU’s Fight Defines India’s Future

JNU students protest for their educational rights is a threat to the Indian Parliamentarian’s privilege. JNU peaceful march to parliament brutally attacked.

Crucial meeting today: JNUSU to meet MHRD

Finally, MHRD heard student’s grievances and called JNUSU for a meeting.

After 108 days of Internet Lockdown, a “Modi-fied” Kashmir to Resume Limited Access

Since the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A on 5th August, there is a total shutdown of the internet which has created widespread anxiety among the people of J&K.

Emergency in JNU: Government Barricades Voices Demanding the Right to Affordable Education

JNU Students are protesting against massive hike in Hostel Fee | The government has deployed Police Blockades and ‘baton’ armed Paramilitary

Newsline Latest: Rise of Trade Protectionism, India and China’s Afghan Contest, Modi vs Gandhi, and Science puts Immortality to Test

Read the best of latest news analyzed and decoded as Newsline Stories from the last week. Pick your favorite and read away.

Rise of Modi, Trump, Putin, Xi and the Spread of Protectionism in Global Trade

While Xi and Putin are the torch bearers of the protectionist trade ideology, Trump, and Modi are furthering the trend, promoting the protectionist policy to safeguards their economies.

Bangladesh, Kashmir, and now Balochistan: Activists urge India to save the region from Pakistan’s atrocities

Baloch liberation movement is an international chapter that has been ignored by the world forums. If Kashmir is facing a human rights problem, then Balochistan is at genocide.

India assaulted its women 3.59 lakh times in 2017… and that’s just the cases reported

As per the rule of thumb, around 71% of crimes against women cases are never reported in India. Keep Reading.

Explained: Why India rejected Asia’s Biggest Free Trade Agreement?

India’s decision to withdraw from Asia’s version of ‘EU-like free trade’ not only aims to safeguard its domestic industries but is influenced by the growing western trend of the nation-first and protectionist approach to trade.

How India is Countering China’s Rising Soft Power in Afghanistan?

China is ramping up interests in Afghanistan to keep its regional “Geopolitical Rival” at bay, but India has its own soft power agenda in the war-torn country.

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