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With a media career spanning 17 years, Abhishek Srivastava has worked with publications like The Times of India, Aajtak and Disney and currently writes opinion pieces on Firstpost.com.

A Jinx To Netflix’s Dream Franchise: Russos Rewrite The Gray Man With Chris Evans And Ryan Gosling

Budget apart, The Gray Man also has history attached to it. Prior to Netflix, two major production houses have tried to bring a film based on author Mark Greaney’s thrilling novel series to celluloid in the past.

From Mickey Rourke’s Provocations To Robert De Niro’s Snubs — Inside Hollywood’s Longest-Running Cold War

Up until a few days ago, no one had an inkling that Hollywood stalwarts Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke had, for the past 33 years, been nursing their own dormant grudges and issues until Mickey Rourke threatened The Godfather actor in an Instagram post.

With Tenet, Christopher Nolan Departs From Inception-Interstellar Filmmaking Rituals

Touted as Nolan’s most ambitious film of his career, there are certain things which definitely make Tenet a remarkable film in its own way. Nolan filmed Tenet while keeping its storyline under lock and key.

Bryan Cranston Confidential — Breaking A Little Bad To Be Vince Gilligan’s Walter White

While stories concerning plot trivia from the series remain the favourite, after Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul became household names, people started taking interest in their personal life stories too. But not many know that Bryan Cranston was not the original choice for the role of Walter White for mandarins at AMC.

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