Kylie Jenner Unveils Stretch Marks That Disappear In 24 Hours

Ladies, it’s important to accept your stretch marks, but not like how Kylie Jenner just did. Leave a mark and embrace it, don’t erase it.

Anushka Sharma supports Zareen Khan after she gets body-shamed for showing her stretch marks

The actress shared a happy picture of herself posing amidst the city sight. Zareen was trolled by a bunch of people for showing her stretch…

Dow and Thong Guan introduces sustainable plastic stretch cling films made with renewable feedstock in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE, July 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dow (NYSE: DOW) and Thong Guan, one of the world’s leading plastic stretch cling film producers, today introduced a new range of bio-based polyethylene (bio-PE) in Asia Pacific. This marks a milestone in the…

Was Carrie Really Pregnant While Filming The King of Queens?

Back in 2004, Carrie from ‘The King of Queens’ seemed to have gained a few pounds and the team tried to cover it by making her wear baggy clothes. Despite some pretty obvious signs, fans are still confused over Leah Remini aka Carrie’s pregnancy. Find out more below!

Herbostra: Modernizing Conventional Ayurvedic Products

MUMBAI, India, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As a wellness brand, Herbostra believes in balancing the mind, body and soul and strive to formulate products that encircle the belief to modernize conventional Ayurvedic products. Their products are curated using the…


The brand officially launches itself digitally in September 2020 to the Indian market. Inspired by the eternal and undeniable beauty of Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Italian business tycoon Lorenzo Riva founded LR Wonder Company in 2012, in Milan, Italy. The company’s vision was simple: Perfect skin should not be confined to only our perception of stars and celebrities – it should be accessible to everyone

Kylie Jenner Graces Your Feed With Her Bra Pictures

The 22-year-old added two new photos in her latest Instagram post wearing a see-through bra. Kylie Jenner took the internet by storm last night after she updated her social media with pictures in bra. The 22-year-old cosmetic mogul wore a…

A Look Into How Kylie Celebrated Father’s Day: With Pics

Cosmetic mogul Kylie Jenner spent Father’s Day remembering her father Caitlyn Jenner and throwing a party for daughter Stormi Webber. The 22-year-old ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ founder celebrated Father’s Day by sharing a sweet note for Stormi’s father Travis Scott. She wrote,…

Jobless Celebrities Are Going Topless To Be Seen On Instagram

Celebrities are going topless on Instagram thanks to coronavirus-led lockdown and the summers. Pick a bikini, dive in, and feast your eyes!

Not Just A Fan Theory: Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield In Spider-Verse

Into the Spider-Verse with Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, and Tom Holland on the same screen is no longer just a fan theory anymore.