Black Lives Matter’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Raises Criticism And Concerns

Proposed for its global impact in raising awareness and consciousness of racial injustice, the Black Lives Matter Movement Nobel nomination raises questions about individual vs group role in bringing change.

Know What Lies Ahead For Hoops Season 2 After So Much Of Criticism

Though Ben Hoffman’s new Netflix adult animated comedy ‘Hoops’ Season 1 made it to the headlines, the show received tonnes of negative comments. So, will there be a season 2 of ‘Hoops’ after receiving bad comments and low ratings? Let’s…

Criticism, Tolerance And Trolling — The New Democracy Of Internet

The fear of coming across something undesirable or unwanted on an increasingly personalized internet is giving rise to calls to legislate decency. But trying to scare away scoundrels will create more problems than it solves. Instead, we need a new conversation about distinguishing personal from public space and the extent of individual liberties.

Bois Locker Room: A New Twist Does Not Negate The Original Criticism

An update on the Bois Locker Room case states that a fake screenshot got mixed in. Does this negate the remaining authentic screenshots or even the misogynistic chats?

Saand Ki Aankh: Taapsee Pannu broke her silence and responds to criticism

Tushar Hiranandani’s directorial, Saand Ki Aankh, is a story of two sexagenarians, Chandro, and Prakashi Tomar, who became champion sharpshooters after the age of 60 Actress Taapsee Pannu known for her bold replies to the trolls and she again proved…

Whoopi Goldberg at the center of criticism after body shaming Mariah Carey

Whoopi Goldberg, 63, becomes the centre of criticism for her comments yet again. She is clearly not new to controversies on The View….

Ronaldo condemns criticism against Neymar

Ronaldo terms criticism targeting Neymar ‘unfair’ Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo has termed the criticism directed at Paris Saint-Germain player Neymar as ‘unfair’ and expressed his firm belief that the Brazilian will ‘turn his situation around’. “In football there has always…

Modi’s foreign trips cost Rs 2,000 crore since 2014 –  What’s the criticism about ? 

Modi’s foreign trips cost Rs 2,000 crore since 2014 –  What’s the criticism about ?  The foreign trips of the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi have been one of the most talked about aspects of his tenure. A recent disclosure by…

Marvel Haters Are Trolling Black Widow: Here’s Why

After a year of no new MCU movies, the release of ‘Black Widow’ has been long-awaited. Now that it’s finally out, the internet responds by trolling ‘Black Widow’. Black Widow AKA Natasha Romanova made her first debut in the Marvel…

Brie Larson Hates Captain Marvel’s Dialogues The Most

Brie Larson has invited many controversies after she got the role of Captain Marvel. The only criticism to stand the test of time is her apparent dislike for Captain Marvel’s dialogues. Is her delivery truly so lacklustre? Brie Larson has…