Why Are Billionaires Selling Record Share Holdings — Signals Massive Market Crash Coming?

Are the ultra rich preparing for a massive market crash by selling shares on “top”? Or are they just paying their long hefty tax bills? Highlights- Elon Musk sells off 10.1 million Tesla shares amounting $10.9 billion. Jeff Bezos, Satya…

Angelina Jolie Looking For A Billionaire Boyfriend To Pay Her Expenses

According to a well-known tabloid, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is desperate for cash. Is the actress in financial trouble as a result of her divorce from Brad Pitt? Angelina Jolie had been divorced twice before meeting Brad, first from British…

Bitcoin Price, Ethereum Price Up — Dirty Finance Cryptocurrency Price Surges Over 51% In One Day, Sets 54-Day All Time High After Successful DirtyFinance.com “Billionaire Contest” Launch Promoting Staking and Farming

LONDON, Aug. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to Google Search Trends, Bitcoin and Ethereum lead the pack of cryptocurrencies that people search for on Google, but many cryptocurrencies are experiencing a resurgence, and investors hope the possible revived market might…

Rihanna Is Officially A Billionaire — Thanks To The Grand Brand, LVMH

World’s biggest luxury brand LVMH did it again- this time, it’s Rihanna. Highlights — Rihanna is officially a billionaire now with net worth of $1.7 billion. Her fashion and beauty line Fenty, in 50-50 partnership with LVMH added $270 million…

Xi Jinping Pushes China’s Billionaires Into Philanthropy. Here’s Why

While COVID-19 pushed as many as 150 million people into extreme poverty, China’s President pushed most of its ultra-rich into philanthropy. However, the pandemic is not the reason behind their generosity… Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba and Ant Group, was…

Private Space Billionaires Are Having Blast While Planet & People Are Bearing ‘COST’

It is really a zero-sum game. Carbon footprints are reaching all over the orbit for no significant reason. Highlights — Branson-Bezos-Musk trio battling rapidly towards the space domination ambitions. Billionaires fueling the private space trend leaving behind a planet almost…

How The Second Wave Impacted The Lives And Luxuries Of India’s Billionaires

At a time when the deadly virus resurgence overwhelmed the health infrastructure and brought many to the doors of poverty, most of the Indian billionaires were missing in action.

Teslas, Paganis & Bond Mobiles: Cars That Top Tech Billionaires Drive

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Page and Brin might have made billions in the tech revolution – but they all have a modest and frugal choice when it comes to cars.

8 Golden Habits To Learn From The World’s Self-Made Billionaires

Billionaires view the world differently, but what habits make them distinct from us, average individuals. Let’s find out.

What Makes Billionaires Invest In News Media Companies

Historically, the wealthiest in the society aspire to own Media Houses – for 1) Access, 2) Influence, and 3) Thought Control. But there are new motivations spurring media acquisition by billionaires in the 21st Century.