Storm Area 51, Alienstock are real: Unknown to be explored?

This is not a joke anymore, the desolate county of Lincoln is soon going to be overrun by mass hysteria. The potential of over 3.5 Million people storming Area 51 is inevitable, perhaps more so than Thanos. Area 51 is…

Are aliens the answer? Earth receives radio signals from outer space

What is causing these radio signals to repeatedly hit our planet? The source remains unknown.

Duffer Brothers All Set For A Breaking Bad-like Movie After Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things can potentially turn to a movie. What would the plot look like if that were to happen? It better has all the drama!

The Expanse Expands And Goes Into Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Cast

The sci-fi web series ‘The Expanse’ is all set for Season 5. Here’s everything you need to know about the return of the show. Scroll down! Over the last four years, ‘The Expanse‘ has proved its mettle as true blue…

Why Do Indian Millennials Romanticise Hollywood More Than Bollywood?

Why the youth of India stopped watching Bollywood movies and shifted their interest in Hollywood movies. Don’t worry! We’ve got the answers

Doctor Who: This Is When Master’s Lie Will Come Out

Doctor Who is back and its first episode recently aired on BBC. The spy thriller that kept its fans glued to their television sets started off well.   Before signing off, The Master traps Doctor’s friends in a plummeting plane…

What Makes Scarlett Johansson The Perfect Black Widow?

The blonde bombshell, Scarlett Johansson, is, once again, everywhere after the trailer of Black Widow proved she is made for the role..

Best actors of Bollywood delivered the worst performance of their career

Celebs who don’t shy about trying something new to make them look best on screen. Here’s the list of the worst performance of Bollywood actors

American Horror Story Season 10: Everything You Need to Know

American Horror Story has received green light for Season 10. The latest installment will witness the return of Witches from Coven (Season 3) and Apocalypse (Season 8). The season will air on September 2020. American Horror Story is a grisly-gift for fans, which…

Blockbuster Video Games certain to be Box Office Hits

These action-packed video games have a cult following, terrific sequences and engrossing storylines that make them automatically qualified to

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