Warner Bros Aims To Bury Controversies Under DC FanDome Finery

Warner Bros with its scandals — from Ezra Miller, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Fisher to WarnerMedia’s restructuring — is in the eye of a brewing storm The stars aren’t shining so bright for Warner Bros. While Robert Pattinson’s contracting COVID right…

Supernatural Brothers Are Back With Season 16

The CW network has been known for producing the best TV shows around the world. Supernatural is one of the many enthralling CW produced shows that always leave fans wanting more.

DC Must Learn From Marvel And Delay Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed again to Christmas however WB should follow in Marvel’s footsteps and consider another date in 2021

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life To Revive On The CW This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving week, The CW is all set to revive ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ for the diehard fans of the show. While we all wait for Netflix and the creators of ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the…

The Most Wanted Star: Fans Want Henry Cavill To Be The New Superman In The Smallville Reboot

Reporting from Krypton: Smallville may be back with a reboot, and a new Superman too. Henry Cavill, we are looking at you. Read on to find out more. Superman hasn’t thrown away his cape yet! Henry Cavill might be the…

The Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco Wants To Have A Superpower Like Harry Potter

The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco, who is occupied with her upcoming project ‘The Flight Attendant’, recently revealed her superpower.

Batman 2020: Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight Bears A Resemblance to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

DC has just dropped The Batman 2020 trailer and Robert Pattinson’s vengeance as the new Dark Knight looks delicious. But it does have…

The Real Reason Why Jim Parsons Stopped Two More Seasons Of Big Bang Theory From Happening

When ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended abruptly, fans of the show were left heartbroken and shocked. But recent news indicates that the cast of..

Johnny Depp’s Joker In Robert Pattinson’s Batman Is Part Of Post Amber Heard Image Makeover

Plans are underway at HBO Max for a reboot of ‘The Batman’ with Robert Pattinson as the new Batman and Johnny Depp as the Joker. Johnny Depp, known to most for his role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies as…

Rumour Mills Spin Faster: Henry Cavill May Ditch The Witcher And Go For The New Superman Movie

Netflix is considering replacing Henry Cavill from The Witcher Season 2, even Henry Cavill wants the same. Netflix Henry Cavill Witcher.