If Not For Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston Would Never Be In Breaking Bad

If fate would have had it, Bryan Cranston might not have been the one striking us with his brilliant performance on ‘Breaking Bad’ as Walter White. As it turns out, it was Vince Gilligan who saw Walter White in Cranston…

Vince Gilligan Will Fall Short Of Himself In The Better Call Saul Finale

Believe us when we say that ‘Better Call Saul’ might never get the kind of ending that we all have been expecting. The pressure on the creators to surpass the excellence of the ‘Breaking Bad’ finale is immense. Already, it’s…

Missed Perfection By An Inch: Where Did Vince Gilligan Go Wrong With Walt Junior? Read Below To Find Out

How did Vince Gilligan fail with the character of Walt Junior in Breaking Bad? What exactly went wrong? Breaking Bad Walt Junior.

Its The Season Of Reboots: Vince Gilligan Could Look To Resurrect Breaking Bad Season 6

Apparently, Vince Gilligan has an ulterior motive behind leaving fans high and dry with an abrupt ending of ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5. Is…

Vince Gilligan’s Biggest Dilemma – Creating A Better Call Saul Ending That Defeats Breaking Bad

‘Better Call Saul’ was a risky next step for Vince Gilligan after a show like ‘Breaking Bad’. But it’s probably the former’s finale that’s keeping the writer-director awake.  Name a show that’s as iconic as ‘Breaking Bad‘ – yeah, you…

How Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Struggled To Get The Show On TV

‘Breaking Bad’, Vince Gilligan’s immensely popular, 16 Emmy award-winning TV show was, in his own words, rejected by all the major networks like HBO, Showtime, and FX before it finally found a home on AMC. Recognised as one of the…

Bryan Cranston Confidential — Breaking A Little Bad To Be Vince Gilligan’s Walter White

While stories concerning plot trivia from the series remain the favourite, after Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul became household names, people started taking interest in their personal life stories too. But not many know that Bryan Cranston was not the original choice for the role of Walter White for mandarins at AMC.

Vince Gilligan Was Never Serious About Heisenberg And Breaking Bad

Walter White Breaking Bad Idea Joke Vince Gilligan. Do you know the idea of Walter White and Breaking Bad was nothing but a mere joke for

Vince Gilligan Is Sure That The Better Call Saul Finale Will Finally Make You Forget Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan has promised a better finale than ‘Breaking Bad’ for ‘Better Call Saul’. Is it even possible?

Vince Gilligan Should Use This Time To Write A Sequel To El Camino: Breaking Bad The Movie

A sequel to a sequel might be in the works for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. The show must go on in Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad universe. Whether it is Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman or Saul Goodman’s origin story…