Avengers 5 Villain Details: Kang The Conqueror, Galactus, And Doctor Doom To Be The Next Bad Guys After Thanos

‘Avengers 5′ villain is a huge mystery at the moment as it is hard to surpass Thanos as the Big Bad. Here are some of the villain predictions for ‘Avengers 5’ that says ‘Kang the Conqueror’ ‘Galactus’ or ‘Doctor Doom’…

The Eternals Director Has Come Clean About Why The Eternals Did Not Fight Thanos

Chloe Zhao has put an end to all speculation about the non-interference of the Eternals in human conflicts, especially with Thanos. When the first trailer for ‘Eternals’ came out, almost four months ago, it gave birth to a viral series…

Thanos Done And Dusted! Avengers 5 To Bring A New Worse Villain

Thanos being dead means that the Avengers will be challenged by new foes soon. MCU might be planning something big for their heroes, and the recent Oscorp reveal might mean that Norman might have a huge role to play in…

Thanos Failed! Loki Finds a Bigger Threat In MCU

‘Loki’ is changing everything fans know about MCU power dynamics in the first episode Itself. The first episode of the Marvel Disney+ limited series ‘Loki’ aired on June 9th this past week. The episode gave fans a lot to talk…

Loki Establishes Kang The Conqueror As MCU’s New Thanos

Word is that Loki will have more impact than other shows in the MCU so far. Here are the highlights of the show that we know so far.

Thanos Was A Fraud! Infinity Stones Belong To Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

Was Thanos an Infinity Stone guardian? Which Avenger managed to clearly overpower the evil villain? Thanos caused havoc when he acquired all the Infinity Stones. He erased most living things on the planet with just a snap. Despite such an…

In The Latest From MCU, Thanos May Return Through WandaVision

Fans will be baffled to know that Jac Schaeffler’s ‘WandaVision’ is bringing Thanos back to life. Well, is Wanda planning revenge on Thanos? ‘WandaVision’ is Disney+’s first endeavour to extend the MCU into television. There’s a new ‘WandaVision’ synopsis that…

Captain Marvel Vs. Thanos: Who Wins In A One-On-One Last Standing Match?

What Happens when Captain Marvel comes face to face with Thanos, The Mad Titan?

Remember When Captain Marvel Punched Through Thanos’ Ship? Her Binary Form, Explained

Captain Marvel can draw energy from a white hole here’s what it means

Marvel Studios’ Legends: Thanos Returns As Wanda’s Transformation Nears

The first episode of Marvel Studios: Legends showcasing Wanda Maximoff is the perfect intro. But it doesn’t do justice to the MCU fans.