And Just Like That Season 2: Release Date Update And More

Is ‘Just like That’ coming back to our TV screens? What will the storyline be? Here’s answering all your question about season 2. Michael Patrick King gave fans of the ‘Sex and the City‘ a wonderful surprise in the form…

How To Watch Sex And The City And Just Like That Reboot From Any Part Of The World

‘And Just Like That…’ the sequel series to the original ‘Sex and the City’ recently began airing. Showing our favourite New Yorkers in their 50s, the series is highly awaited across the globe.  But where can one exactly stream it?…

The Real Story Behind The Office Choosing And Honouring The Electric City Aka Scranton

From the opening montage to the classic hanging spots, ‘The Office’ and Scranton have become one of the finest pairings ever seen on television. Countless shows such as ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Seinfeld’ etc., have paid homage to…

Sex And The City Reboot Swaps Kim Cattrall With Sara Ramirez

And Just Like That… Sara Ramirez replaces Kim Cattrall aka Samantha Jones in Sex And The City Reboot Grey Anatomy fabled Dr Callie Torres and Tony award sweeping Mexican American actor, singer, and activist Sara Ramirez will be joining the…

We Asked For Sex And The City Reboot and We Get Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life 2 As Bonus

Constantly checking Instagram is finally worth it! ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Season 2 is coming soon as per their Instagram page. ‘Friends‘ announced their reunion via Instagram, and the stars of ‘Sex and the City‘ did the…

Caitlyn Jenner Takes Kim Cattrall’s Place In Sex And The City Reboot

Of course, you are ready for the return of ‘Sex And The City’, but are you ready to see Caitlyn Jenner, and not Kim Cattrall, as Samantha Jones?

Is The Sex And The City Reboot Heading For A Failure?

Is the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot heading for a failure?

Will Sex And The City Succeed In Returning Without This Major Character?

HBO Max has ordered a seventh season for ‘Sex and the City’ but without one of its most popular characters. Read on to find out who.

Beauty Brands supporting Pride Month in the best way

From Hard Rock Cafe to Starbucks, famous brands are covering their drinks, foods, and goodies in rainbow sprinkles. Showing their support for the LGBTQ+ communities while the Pride month sets in and the makeup industry is no less.

Lucas Bravo Is Samantha Jones Of Emily In Paris: Here’s How

Why does Lucas Bravo relate with Samantha Jones the most out of all the ‘Sex and the City’ characters? Lucas Bravo portrays Gabriel, a complex love interest in ‘Emily in Paris’. The Netflix series shares some similarities with ‘Sex and…