Manhattan In The Heart, Madrid In The Mind: Valeria Is Sex And The City 2.0

A writer, four bffs, steamy romance, and a hell lot of conflict. Feels like you’ve been there, done that? Why wouldn’t it? After all, it was all about that and more in the 90s when one of the most groundbreaking…

The Cast Of Sex And The City — Sassy Then, Sassier Now

The sex and the city squad is aging like fine wine. After having taken the show to unbelievable heights, here’s what they are doing now….

The Sexcapades Have Begun Again. Say Hi To Sex And The City 3

A heady mix of chaos, controversies, betrayal, love, and loss, will Sex and the City 3 knit the squad even tighter or will it break them? Well, while you were busy binging on those delectable cupcakes from Magnolia, the third…

Malawi First Lady Joins Merck Foundation First Ladies Summit via Videoconference to Discuss Healthcare Capacity and COVID-19 Response in Africa

Business Wire India Merck Foundation appoints Malawi First Lady as the Ambassador of Merck More Than a Mother to empower infertile women Merck Foundation in partnership with Malawi First Lady and Minister of Health to provide speciality training to Malawian…

The Office: Jim And Pam Give Us Lessons In Love At Work

Workplace romances can work too, and who better to prove that than Jim and Pam from ‘The Office’?

Chinese Pandemic PR Maneuver Puts Xi Jinping’s Propaganda Heroes In Harm’s Way

Facing severe global criticism over the outbreak and subsequent handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Beijing’s attempt to steer the narrative with a propagandist, pandemic-themed TV drama seems to have misfired.

Past Woes Worry The Queen About Meghan And Harry’s Netflix Deal

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal is being touted as an ‘unquantifiable’ and ‘unprecedented’ commercial opportunity but the Queen might have a thought or two about it Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to California earlier this year. The pair…

Criticism, Tolerance And Trolling — The New Democracy Of Internet

The fear of coming across something undesirable or unwanted on an increasingly personalized internet is giving rise to calls to legislate decency. But trying to scare away scoundrels will create more problems than it solves. Instead, we need a new conversation about distinguishing personal from public space and the extent of individual liberties.

Golden Barbie AKA Jasmine Sanders’ BIKINI PHOTOS Will Leave You Sweaty And Wanting

Jasmine is a supermodel model famously known for being associated with Victoria Secret ‘Pink’. WATCH: JASMINE SANDERS’S GOLDEN BARBIE BEAUTY TUTORIAL STRIKE A POSE Jasmine Sanders aka Golden Barbie is a German-US model and fashion influencer with 4M followers on…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Kamala Harris — Sexism Selects Targets In Pre-Election US Politics

Around two weeks back, Republican lawmaker Ted Yoho verbally assaulted Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the steps of the United States Capitol, home of the Congress and Senate. Yoho issued a conditional and insincere apology, which led to AOC calling him out in the most fierce manner possible.