Marvel And DC Superheroes Skip Comic-Con — Should Fans Expect The Unexpected?

This year, both Marvel Studios and DC have decided to take a digital route to showcase their upcoming projects, rather than exhibiting at Comic-Con@Home, the biggest comic book convention’s virtual turn due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Now SDCC is taking a further hit, with superhero franchises walking away.

Top Gun: Maverick and more trailers at the Comic-Con 2019

San Diego Comic-Con International is a multi-genre entertainment and five-day comic book convention held annually in San Diego

Dragon Ball Z creates a smashing world record

In an attempt to break the record of the world’s most powerful Kamehameha attack, 786 people gathered at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel reveals 10 upcoming projects for MCU Phase 4

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios gave a surprise to their fans at San Diego Comic-Con, announcing 10 projects to

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date Update

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Dark Knight To God Butcher — Christian Bale Reveals Thor’s Best Kept Secret In Love & Thunder

Christian Bale’s look from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ revealed! Continue reading to learn more about how the leaked merch reveals Gorr’s look. Christian Bale will make his first appearance in a Marvel film in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. The actor…

Keanu Reeves Lost The Chance Of Being The Next Batman

Keanu Reeves is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood today. His recent film ‘John Wick 3’ has gained a lot of praise from critics. But did you know he was originally wanted for playing Batman but missed his chance?…

Correction: Blade Reboot Will Release In October 2022 Not 2023

The mistakenly released date of Blade reboot isn’t probably all wrong, the movie might not happen in October 2022, but October 2023. Marvel India has mistakenly shared the details about the release of Blade Reboot while announcing the release dates…

Avengers Are To Be Blamed For Bringing In The Eternals In The MCU

The Superhero folk tale drops on 5th November 2021. Who are Marvel Eternals? Are they superhuman or aliens? What powers do they wield? Will they be standing against mankind? Did they come after events of Endgame or before? As a…

Brie Larson Ditched And Dropped By Marvel Once Again

There has been a rumour about Brie Larson being dropped from ‘The Marvels’. Is that true? Keep reading to find out. Brie Larson is best known for her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.…