K Sera Sera and Vikram Bhatt’s Studio Virtual Worlds to Create History in Entertainment World

Business Wire India As per the initial announcement in March 2022, K Sera Sera & Vikram Bhatt's Studio Virtual Worlds – India’s first and largest LED virtual production studio is delighted to inform that, the Virtual content production has commenced in…

When Greta Thunberg’s Climate Change Message Echoed In Loki

Loki’s season finale dropped a few weeks ago. With serving one of the most satisfying conclusions of all time, this Disney+ series has surely claimed a worthy position in the hearts of the audience. Apart from the spectacular plotline and…

Why Big Bang Theory Is, Was, And Will Be The Black Hole Of The Sitcom Universe

For twelve years, the sitcom had an incredible fan following that made it one of the most-watched series in the world. Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Pardy, ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ released on 24th September 2007. The classic sitcom…

America Starts A Game Of Monopoly On The Moon Without Russia

In April 2020, the Trump administration signed an executive order allowing US companies to mine the moon. While this is historic for American companies, will the world simply stand by and allow them to reap the benefits from this potential planet changing exploration?

What The Average American Should Know About The SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

NASA and Elon Musk are ready to explore unchartered territories in enabling a private space economy. Here are a few talking points to help you make sense of the historic first private manned mission to space.

NASA unveils Prototype Moon Spacesuits for Artemis Astronauts

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Tuesday unveiled two prototype spacesuits for Artemis astronauts to be used during the upcoming moon missions.

Incredibly Talented Ryan Gosling’s best movies of all time

A handpicked list of the best movies of all time starring Ryan Gosling.

NASA’s experiment where cockroaches ate the moon

NASA fed some of its precious Apollo 11 lunar samples to cockroaches, dumped it in fishbowls and injected

The unknown 3rd astronaut in Apollo 11

Michael Collins was the third astronaut in the Apollo 11 mission, and many people don’t even know the role he played in the mankind’s giant leap.

Apollo 11 landing: Conspiracy theories can’t defy logic

Do you still believe Apollo 11’s landing was fake, or studio recorded?