Legend Of The Seeker Confusing Ending Explained

The ‘Legend of the Seeker’ Season 2 ending had made viewers shed “Tears” for more than one reason. The season finale also turned out to be the series finale, leaving fans confused about a few things. We are here to…

Legend Of The Seeker Getting A Season 3 On ABC

The last we saw of ‘Legend of the Seeker’ was in May 2010. Fans have been discussing the date for a new season,

Legend Of The Seeker Seeks A New Platform To Come Back With Season 3

After a ten-year wait, the famous fantasy-fiction series ‘Legend of the Seeker’ is back in the news with rumours of its much-awaited season 3.

Alias May Come Back With Season 6, But Not With Jennifer Garner

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Big Sky Season 2 Will Solve ABC’s 10:00 Pm Problem

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Kim Wexler Isn’t The Angel In Better Call Saul – Warns Bob Odenkirk

“Now the mystery is – who is Kim?” Bob Odenkirk mystifies the true identity of Kim Wexler to be revealed in the Better Call Saul Season 6.

Hulu On Its Way To Renew Castle Rock For Season 3

You read that right! If online reports are to be believed, Hulu is finally renewing ‘Castle Rock’ for season 3.

The King Of Queens Gets A Reboot But Without Kevin James

Would you watch the ‘The King of Queens’, reboot version, without Kevin James?

CBS Network Plans On Rebooting Person Of Interest And Big Bang Theory

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The Struggles Come To An End, Timeless Renewed For Season 3

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