John Krasinski To Direct Fantastic Four

Taking a break from the Cinematic World, No Way Home, director Jon Watts won’t be directing the Fantastic Four reboot. The Fantastic Four reboot becomes the latest project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to lose its director. The Spider-Man director,…

Will Phoebe Waller-Bridge Overtake Ryan Reynolds In John Krasinski’s Upcoming Film?

The upcoming fantasy-comedy will see these two comedy geniuses sharing the screen, along with an impressive ensemble. It was announced that comedy queen Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be starring in John Krasinksi’s untitled film. Highlights — Who is starring in John…

The Office Saved John Krasinski’s Acting Career

Today, John Krasinski is one of the most recognized names in Hollywood. Here’s a look at his career, starting from his success in ‘The Office’, some struggles after the sitcom ended, and his newfound image as a writer-director. Some actors…

5 Superhero Roles Perfect For John Krasinski’s MCU Phase 4 Debut

The Office star John Krasinski in reportedly is talks with Marvel for a role. We could not help but list 5 characters we think he can play.

John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan Renewed For Season 3 At Amazon

Fans everywhere are combining the ‘Jack Ryan’ novels for clues as to crack season 3’s plot but are unlikely to turn up with anything noteworthy. As with previous seasons, ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3 is unlikely to stick to the letter…

John Krasinski Found The Doppelganger Of The Office’s Jim Halpert

There’s a brand new Jim Halpert in the town. The internet has found a Jim Halpert aka John Krasinksi’s doppelganger. Scroll down to know the

Marvel Is Ready To Cast John Krasinski As Captain America After Chris Evans Retirement

Losing Captain America’s role to Chris Evans, John Krasinski has still a chance to grab Steve Rogers’ role after Chris’ retirement. Scroll

The Office’s John Krasinski Opened Up About Losing A Role With MCU

The Office’s actor John Krasinski recently speaks about losing his career-changing Marvel Cinematic role. Scroll down!

The Office’s John Krasinski Revealed The Reason For Selling Some Good News To ViacomCBS

After receiving backlash from fans, John Krasinski aka Jim Halpert revealed the reason for selling ‘Some Good News’ to Viacom CBS.

John Krasinski And Emily Blunt: Marvel’s First Fantastic Couple

Actor John Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt to are in talks with Marvel Studios’ executives to join the Fantastic Four Reboot Disney’s successful acquisition of  Fox Studios has given Marvel the leeway to bring heroes like Fantastic Four and X-men…