Hill Street Blues Reboot To Inspire The New Season Of The Sopranos

A ‘Hill Street Blues’ reboot is finally in the making, but could it inspire ‘The Sopranos’ reboot in turn? Let’s see how! Steven Bochco’s iconic 1980s cop show ‘Hill Street Blues’ is all set to get a 21st-century reboot! As…

The Ranch Can Reboot With The Complete Cast Of That ‘70s Show

‘The Ranch’ already united ‘That ‘70s Show’ alums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. On ‘The Ranch’ Season 5, be prepared to see Mila Kunis and others from the old sitcom to make a comeback. ‘The Ranch’ is renewed after cancellation…

What The End Of The Gilmore Girls Revival Means For The New Season

After spending ‘A Year In The Life’ of Lorelai and Rory, we have some serious questions about the new season. The Gilmore Girls revival had every bit of nostalgia, just like the original series. The first minutes take you on…

Smallville Reboots With Henry Cavill As The Obvious Superman

‘Smallville’ is returning with a reboot and Henry Cavill will be the new Superman. Tom Welling played the Man of Steel in the original TV series.

The Wait Is Over! Mad Men Season 8 Release Date Confirmation

Mad Men as a series earned recognition from the critics and audiences alike. It also went on to win numerous awards. Along with critical

The Top 15 Richest Politicians In America (2020)

Although Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 election made him the first billionaire president in American history, he is not the richest politician in the U.S.