President Donald Trump Is Absconding

The election season has seen the gradual subduing of the ‘Trump Streak’. The President’s body language is revealing more than it should.

You’ll Never Forgive President Donald Trump For These 7 Things

As the countdown to 3 November begins, here are 7 things about Donald Trump you need to remember – or know if you didn’t know them.

Donald Trump’s Taxes Exposed — Report Reveals Massive Tax Swindle, Takes The US By Storm

This must be a nightmare for Donald Trump, no matter how much he denies. However, the truth is, the ugly tale of Donald Trump’s taxes is the ostensible end of Trump’s political career. Of course, if he doesn’t end up…

Did You Just See Donald Trump In Seinfeld?

As it turns out, US President Donald Trump is suspiciously similar to a certain character in Seinfeld. Is this a sign that the show should reboot? Should a ‘Seinfeld’ reboot happen? Ask the universe, as it seems to be sending…

Can Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Defeat Donald Trump? Yes and No.

Despite the odds being stacked in favour of Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris it may be premature to rule out a win for Trump.

Why Mary Trump’s Tell-All, Or Any Other Tell-All, Won’t Be Donald Trump’s Nemesis

The book written by Donald Trump’s niece is the latest addition to a lengthy list of damaging books written by Trump’s detractors. But Trump’s own actions and reactions may have a far greater role in his undoing than a bunch of blockbuster exposés.

Joe Biden Ain’t Black But Neither Is He As White As Donald Trump

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee recently said in an interview to an African-American host that those in the black community who can’t pick the better candidate between him and Donald Trump “ain’t black”. The remark received wide criticism. But does Biden really find himself electorally endangered for saying what he said?

Donald Trump Will Have A Whole Lot Of Challenges If Kim Jong-Un Falls

The US is prepared to write the fate of North Korea after Kim Jong-Un alongside China, but there are challenges abound for Trump.

Donald Trump Promoting Protectionism Through Pandemic Panic

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic constitutes an important episode in the progress of human civilization. The pandemic has so far hit over 2.6 million people globally and claimed more than 185,000 lives.

Donald Trump Vs Fake News Media: Playing The Trump Card Wrong

Is Trump lashing out at the journalists the right way to tackle the situation?