Hollywood’s Wine-Making Obsession Spans From The Godfather To Charlie’s Angels

Cameron Diaz’s Hollywood career subsided earlier than expected. She was last seen in the comedy-drama Annie alongside Jamie Foxx, and that was almost six years back. But the star of There is Something About Mary is back in the news again, this time to tout a career shift that Hollywood celebs often resort to in the twilight of their career. Like most Hollywood celebs, Diaz has opted to become a wine entrepreneur.

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Elon Musk might have had a rocky timeline of love life, his idea about love, however, is clear and solid. The revolutionary innovator believes that without a long-term romantic relationship, he might be successful but can never be happy.

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Keanu Reeves — The Sex God Who Doesn’t Like Sex

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Keanu Reeves is the Sex God who doesn’t like Sex

Keanu Reeves is a sex god. Period. It’s his good boy image in real life and badass persona

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