Amazon and Jeff Bezos response to Coronavirus

Amazon Had Only One Prime Member During Covid-19 — Jeff Bezos

Virtual Environment
The Limitless Scope Of Immersive Technologies In The Post-Pandemic World

With most physical experiences now a thing of the past, immersive technologies that induce virtual environments are setting up the structure for our new normal in the future.

Critics And Concerns To Overcome Before Uber Eats Grubhub

With little certainty how long the gut blow to the ride-hailing business last, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has renewed interest in Uber Eats but his tried and tested pre-pandemic approach with the proposed Grubhub acquisition already has critics calling out the concerns.


Ronaldo Messi Professional Football

Neither Ronaldo Nor Messi Can Save Football From Collapse Post-Pandemic

Virat Kohli Steve Smith The Better PM
Politics Calls Virat Kohli And Steve Smith — Future Prime Ministers

While the rivalry to be the best cricketer in the world continues, we go off the mainstream and explore the possibilities of a better PM option between modern day legends, Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. Sounds interesting?

Vince McMahon Bankrupt DKODING
WWE To Follow After XFL League Bankruptcy as Financial Woes Tighten Grip on Vince McMahon

Is the bankruptcy of XFL and WWE’s falling stock values a signal for worse things to come for Vince McMahon?…

Why Delhi Needs 5 More Years Of AKnomics?
Congress Delhi Subhash Chopra
Congress’ Subhash Chopra on #DelhiElections2020
Sanjay Singh Exposes BJP’s Dirty Poll Tactics
Durgesh Pathak: The Prodigal Son of Karawal Nagar
10 Myths About Vagina And Peeing After Sex

10 Myths About Vagina And Peeing After Sex

Celebrities Who Underwent Crazy Hair Makeovers

There are plenty of hair colors that go in and out of style. Here we list out celebs who ditched their natural hair color and went blonde.

naturally pink plump soft lips
A Guide To Having Pink Soft Lips Naturally

Natural Pink Lips Guide: Now, There’s absolutely no excuse to not have pink, soft lips.…


Urban Ladder

Buying Guide For Dining Table Set

Relationship Quiz and if your relationship iis strong and healthy or not
Relationship Quiz That Tells It ALL! Time To Pause And Check The Pulse, Don’t You think?

How Strong And Healthy Is Your Relationship? It’s heartbreaking how two people in a relationship…

Tinder Bio for Dating and one night stand
Perfect Tinder Bio — If You Are Looking For Just One Night Stand

Raised in the era of 90s with heavy doses of romance spoon fed to us,…

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