Zomato's IPO is not good but great news for Swiggy

Zomato’s IPO Is Not Good But Great News For Swiggy

Jijo Mathew, Global Logic on Business Resilience
Radical Times Call For Revolutionary Measures To Build Future Resilience: Jijo Mathew, GlobalLogic

People fear chaos, dissolution and loss. The ongoing pandemic is a crisis creating disruption to the ways of working for most organizations, creating a feeling of being suspended and directionless.

Turning The Face And Future Of SME With OfBusiness

Asish Mohapatra is the co-founder and the head of sales at OfBusiness which is a technology-driven SME financing platform.

From Rhea To Deepika: Media Keeps Bashing Actors For A Marijuana Habit Share By 31 Million Indians
Opinion: 35 Years Ago, Rhea And Deepika Would Have Been Saints On Varanasi Ghats

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has spurred one of biggest drug scandals in Bollywood’s history, with big names breaking one after another over the span of a few months. News outlets and netizens have whipped up a storm after the release of private chats in which Deepika Padukone is allegedly discussing the purchase of marijuana.


Kai Havertz Frank Lampard Chelsea Headache

Frank Lampard’s Most Expensive Signing Kai Havertz Gives Him A Marquee Headache

Can Ben Chilwell be Chelsea's New Ashley Cole?
Is Ben Chilwell Good Enough To Be Chelsea’s New Ashley Cole? Here’s What Stats Say

Ben Chilwell is Frank Lampard’s new man to fix Chelsea’s leaky defence. We analyze if the English fullback is good enough to mirror the legendary Ashley Cole.

Best Full-Backs of Premier League Season 2020
From Alexander-Arnold To Wan-Bissaka — Premier League’s Most Valuable Full-Backs

Over the past few years, full-backs have become increasingly important to a team. A mixture of defensive and offensive qualities has become necessary for pretty much every modern-day full-back, irrespective of a team’s playing style. The 2019/20 Premier League season provided the football world with yet another opportunity to analyse the performances of the established and lesser-known full-backs.

7 Netflix Movies With So Sweet And So Hot Sex. So Steamy.

7 Netflix Movies With So Sweet And So Hot Sex. So Steamy.

Scissoring Lesbian Sex Gudie
Scissor Sisters: Your Sex Guide To Often-Misunderstood World Of Lesbian Scissoring

Oooh, the classic art of love-making. Actually… scratch that. It’s not-so-classic. No one knows when,…

How To Turn On Your Man Horny and make him thrust you like a beast
How To Turn On Your Man Horny And Make Him Thrust You Like A BEAST

How To Make Your Man Give You An Insane Toe-Crunching, Thigh-Shaking Orgasm Sorry! But No…


Dating outfits

Dating Outfits Guide: What To Wear On A First Date

The importance of Career success
The Definition Of Career Success: Material Gains Or Personal Fulfillment?

Despite earning a handsome salary, enjoying power within a company and status in society, many people still feel a nagging discontent.

Ashok Thakur — An Educator Creating Global Citizens With Universal Human Values

A prominent educator who refused to stand and accept doctrines, Mr Thakur views the whole world as a village when envisioning his idea of society. He points out that universalism is only possible when everyone is living relative to each other.